Warriors with Terry Schappert.

Discussion in 'Misc. Stick Arts' started by arnisador, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. arnisador

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    I'm enjoying this show on the History Channel. The host is a Green Beret reservist who travels to various countries and learns about traditional weapons of war,described in the context of a specific conflict. So far I have seen the samurai sword and barbarians episodes. The former had an excellent demonstration of jo vs. katana and some archery (including horsed) and also some unusual weapons (like the kusarigama); the latter had a lot about the club as well as other Germanic weapons (sling, shield, short sword) of the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD. Of course there's the usual hyperbole, but no fake battle challenges. Good stuff!

  2. PG Michael B

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    Yah man I dig this show..big time...he breaks it down and really digs it...great TV.
  3. WuLord187

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    Yeah I like the history channel's Warriors and Battle BC, I hope they continue on and don't get canceled like others. And Terry respects the stuff he is presenting by saying in the hands of a skilled person this is deadly and doesn't dis by saying "this is impractical" like other host of martial television.
  4. arnisador

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    Yes, I like the host's approach too!

    I don't know of Battle BC--I'll look for it. Deadliest Warriors is a bit too silly for me though it sometimes has brief interesting demos. Weapon Masters is in-between--lots of stuff I don't appreciate, but I always enjoy hearing Mike Loades talk.
  5. arnisador

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    Does anyone know if they're doing a second season of this?

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