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Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by TwentyThree, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. TwentyThree

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    I am in the process of relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada, and will be losing my teacher and training partners (other than my husband, who will follow me once we sell our house in Mississippi). We have been studying Modern Arnis for about six months now.

    While I know most of the Filipino stick arts are related to one another, and changing to a different one shouldn't be too difficult, I'd like to keep going in Modern Arnis upon the move if we can. We don't seem to find anyone teaching it in the Las Vegas area, though!

    Can anyone recommend either a teacher or just a friend to bang sticks with in Las Vegas? Our current arrangement is pretty much "Friends banging sticks" right now, and that's fine with us, but we also see the value of a more structured curriculum.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. silat1

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    check out martialartsresource.com, there is a filipino martial arts link that also has a listing of schools and instructors in the states and elsewhere..
  3. Datu Tim Hartman

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  4. fangjian

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    There is a 'Serrada' school in Vegas.
  5. jwinch2

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    I could have sworn that I saw a M.A. school link in Vegas once. I'll have to see if I can find it again. Probably right there at the end of the internet where I found it by accident the last time... LOL
  6. Bahad Zubu-Florida

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    I did a search and like you I did not see a Modern Arnis in Las Vegas. But if you are willing to train in other systems--I have trained with Master Ed Galang while visiting family in Las Vegas a few years ago. He's a good guy and very good martial artist. Master Ed has a school in Henderson (702)234-3189. Tidbit: Master Ed Galang is related to Rey Galang (unsure of title) of Bakbakan--His uncle I think.

    PG Jon Cuenca. Ocho Kantos Kali. Stars Elite Academy.

    Master Ariel Mosses. Manaois Systems Int'l / Lameco SOG.

    Hope this helps....
  7. TwentyThree

    TwentyThree New Member

    Much appreciated, everyone!
  8. arnisador

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    Let us know if you do (or don't!) have luck!
  9. shoto-kali

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  10. arnisador

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    Did you find a place (or are you not there yet)?

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