Walls Are Weapons

Discussion in 'General' started by BayaniWarrior, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Hey everyone. Thought I'd share the latest Bayani Warrior Group (www.bayaniwarrior.com) video. This drill is known was made in honor of my grand-uncle, Arturo Blasquez, who used walls as weapons in all his streetfights in the Philippines.



    Guro Mike Pana
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    Hey Mike, I love the concept of using walls as weapons. Walls, trees, cars, furniture, and especially the ground. All good things to use as an anvil to hammer someone against. The only problem is that it has to happen naturally, using the other guy's energy. To be able to pull that off against a resisting, non-compliant opponent takes timing and "feel". As can be seen from the students practicing in the clip, it ain't that easy. Oh well, that's why it's a Martial Art.
  3. Guro Dave Gould


    Fixed and moving objects as equalizers

    Hi guys, I hope that all are well and that each of you are keeping challenged by your daily training. Success is created where opportunity meets preparation. Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite of Lameco Eskrima fame subscribed heavily into the principle of utilizing both fixed and moving objects as equalizers as found within the combative equation.

    Back in some of my earlier sparring sessions with him he would introduce this concept to me in varying form. When sparring he would always place me at odds with my surroundings constantly keeping me in the less advantagious position, I.E. keeping me facing the sun so the glare would distact me from his movements, keeping me working up a hill, using the tip of his garote to strike the ground and direct dirt or grass off of the tip into my eyes, pinning me into trees, parked cars, telephone poles or anything else which he could utilize to hinder my capability.

    Punong Guro Sulite was a firm believer in grabbing his opponent and slamming him into a wall, telephone pole, pushing his opponent in front of a moving bus or car or anything else which would afford him an advantage in the form of an equalizer while dealing in crisis situations. It is good to know that this mindset is being shared in other systems as well :)

    Guro Dave Gould
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    Ah yes, the walls as a weapon.. The ability to bounce people off the walls like a ping pong ball was part of the combatives training.. I use walls as a training apparatus especially when it comes to being trapped in a hallway or something similar.. Human ping pong ball training works best also against an aggressor who tries to bum rush you
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    Thank you sir for your input! Glad to see the concept of using structures as weapons is being used in other systems as well!

    Guro Mike Pana
    Bayani Warrior Group LLC.

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