Walk as a warrior for all your days

Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Feb 28, 2011.

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    One of the challenges of the lifelong warrior path is the reality of physical decline and the increasing frequency of ego smackdowns. OTOH there is the glee that comes from the little victories that occasionally sprinkle one's path. A few of these have come my way in the last few weeks on the BJJ mat with foot locking an athletic 18 year old who crossed his ankles when he had back control on me. I suspect I won't ever get it on him again (but he may well get back control on me again) but nonetheless I enjoyed the moment. Even more I enjoyed getting a Running Dog footlock on him :))) and the three twisters I got on some blue belt. I'm just an old man having a good time. Simple mind, simple pleasures. The Adventure continues!

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