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  1. viejo

    viejo New Member

    Mike, do you know from a video (a very old one I guess) named "Warriors of Negros" by GM Nene Tortal,Hortencio Novales, Dominador Ferrer..

  2. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Viejo,

    Yes I do know of the "Warriors of Negros" video. I know a couple of people that have it. I have seen the footage a couple of times. Awesom stuff! Please give me a week or so and I will ask one of them to get it for you to view. Everyone should be able to see it. Talk about "footwork". I apologize for the delay, I am burried with my studies. It is the best demonstration of Illonggo and Yakan footwork on one tape that I have eeer laid eyes on!!!!!!!!

    God Bless, Mike
  3. viejo

    viejo New Member

    Hey Mike thanks, will be waiting for your info....Did u say Yakan footwork?
    You mean Yakan from the southern of the PH, like the tausug? As I know they practice Silat there but not open to evrybody, are they showing also some Silat from the south in the video???
    Thanks and regards
  4. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello again Karl,

    Yes I did say Yakan footwork, from Basilan. I cannot wait till my friend posts the Illongo footwork footage. But I was actually contacted by my Tausug Silat-Kuntao instructor lastnight and he is requesting that I not have the Yakan demo posted. I'm sorry, but I do have to respect their wishes. And you are right Karl, it's not open to everyone. I feel very blessed to have a Tortal elder as an instructor and a Tausug instructor. How could I possibly ask for more. Please give me about a week to get it up for everyone. Aslo, I am extending my public apology for offering such material with out asking permission first.

    God Bless, Mike
  5. MasterKaliSilat

    MasterKaliSilat New Member

    Greetings Mike Snow, how are you, I hear you have a great video by Grand Master Tortal, do you also know of the Contradas video with Tuhon Gaje, Jr., and Grand Master?
  6. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hello Greg,

    Yes I and quite a few other people I know around the country do have the old "Contradas" video you are speaking of. As you well know, really cool stuff.

    All of the geat new footage of Grandmaster Totral I have are bits a pieces from seminars, private practice and publics demonstrations. They have all been sent to Manila to the webmaster there for GM's website. So the everyone will have a chance to view clips of them on the site. My personal favorite is footage of GM with David Rice and Michael G. Olive demonstrating at the Missouri State Games. The entire place stopped to a dead silence when that was going on. Those guys in MO are really hard core and GM Nene constantly praises their execution of technique, easpecially their footwork.

    God Bless, Mike

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