Valencia LAMECO Eskrima Defensive Knife Seminar, Concord, CA 12/10/05

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    Modern Defense Institute

    Saturday, Dec. 10, 2005

    Felix Valencia is recognized in the weapons fighting community as one of the leading experts in edged weapon combat instruction. In addition to his edged weapons skill, Felix has been an undefeated Muay Thai and Full-Contact Stick/Knife Fighting Champion. Felix is a certified Close Quarters Battle instructor with the Police Combatives Training Academy. Felix is also a two-time inductee to the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Felix has taught officers from the US Marshals, FBI, CIA Special Forces and various SWAT teams across the country. Take advantage of this special opportunity to train with one of the most sought out Close Quarters Fighting specialists in the country!

    This six hour seminar will emphasize reality based situations and practical Defensive Edged Weapon Techniques. Covered topics include:
    • High Speed Takedowns versus Knife Attacks
    • Hold-up/Mugging scenarios
    • Close Range Knife Fighting techniques
    • Long Range Knife fighting
    Space is limited! Register early and reserve your place in class!

    Cost : Only $80.00!
    (Ask about the LEO Discount!)

    Location: Modern Defense Institute - 4743 Clayton Road #2-B, Concord, CA
    Time: 10:00AM-4:00PM, Saturday, December 10, 2005
    Register/Info Contact: Tim Llacuna at the Modern Defense Institute
    Phone: 925-686-5149 or E-mail:

    Wear appropriate workout attire. Groin protector and water are recommended.

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