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    Over at Mantis Knives we have been discussing the new proposals set forth by the US Customs. They want to re-classify Assisted opening knives as SwitchBlades. The American Knife and Tool Institute ( is very concerned as this appears to be a first step in reclassifying the 1 handed opening folding knife as a switch blade. This could lead to a ban of all folding knives ( 1 hand openers) from interstate commerce. Of course if you have a one hand opener and travel from one area to another that has reclassified 1 hand openers as switch blades , you would now be committing a crime. details ore on the AKTI website and being discussed over at the Mantis Forum too. The request for an extended comment period has been denied by US Customs so if you want to register a complaint it has to be done by 21 June 2009. They have example letter on AKTI site. E mails are not accepted.

    PLEASE pass this info around to others on the FMA forums. As most of us SEA Martial artists enjoy knives and blades , this could have an impact on many of us if this goes down the road that AKTI fears. Check

    AKTI fears this all may get done without the average American even being aware of it all until its too late ! I'd think this would be of great interest to Kali and Silat practitioners !

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    I ran across that after my post ! I'm sure some Kali folks just go straight to their area of interest and they might not realize this is happening , inspite of there being a mention on this site. It sure could impact a lot of us I think ! I hope this is being brought to everyone's attention.....
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