Upcoming Garimot Seminars

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    Gat Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet will be providing instruction on the various facets of the Garimot System of Arnis at the following venues and dates:

    Sept. 30 Oct. 1 & 2, 2005
    International Martial Arts Symposium
    (Shorin Ryu Karate World Organization)
    Columbia, South Carolina USA
    Contact: Shihan Ridgely Abele
    604 Meeting Street, West Clubia, SC 29169
    Ph 803-794-3908
    E-mail OeyeC@aol.com
    Website: www.Shurite.com
    Cost $199.00 Pre-registration

    November 13, 2005
    Lodi, NJ.
    Flipino Martial Arts "Garimot Arnis/Buno Seminar"
    Hosted by BAKBAKAN International
    Contact: Guro Rey Galang
    Senior Instructor of Kalis Ilustrisimo
    Pre-register: $50.00; Walk-in: $75
    Pre-registration Deadline: November 7, 2005

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    Did anyone here attend either of these? Can we get a review?

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