Upcoming 2nd IPMAF World Abroad Camp - Sweden

Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by johnzag, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    Just wondering if anyone is going to make it across to the 2nd IPMAF World Abroad Camp being hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden this year by Master Johan Skalberg?

    This is the second time that this camp has been held the first being held in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.

    These camps are to be held every second year rotating through the major Kombatan Arnis territories and supplementing the camps that are held in the Philippines every second year by Grand Master Presas. The 3rd camp in 2010 will most likely be held in the United States.

    The special guests for this camp are GGM Ernesto Presas and Master Michael Ermac. The camp is being run for one full week and should be a lot of fun. There are 7 members of Kombatan Australia (at last count) heading over so looking forward to catching up with as many of you as possible at the camp.
  2. lusoarnis

    lusoarnis New Member

    Mate!!How are you?

    Greetings from Portugal!!

    We are 3 heading over to Gothemborg!
  3. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member


    I'm great mate.. have been doing a lot of traveling for work am currently sitting in Singapore Airport as i type this but am really looking forward to catching up with everyone again in Sweden.

    Its great to hear that you will be there with a few more friends from Portugal this time. Master Andy, Chris, Angie, Mick, myself (who were all in the Philippines last year) and a few others will be at the camp.

    Should be a great experience have never been over to Sweden before so should be good in more ways then one ;)

  4. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member


    just thought i would add a link to the blog that has been set-up for the camp in Sweden. It has been great to train with GM Presas and Master Michael Again.

    The training has been awesome and the event and hospitality of the Kombatan Sweden students has been second to none.

    Only a few more days to go but safe to say that the camp has been a huge success.

    Big thanks has to go out to Grand Master Johan Skalberg for organising a great event.
  5. Richard Haye

    Richard Haye New Member


    Hi guys, great meeting you all in Sweden, I had a fantastic week. GM Presas was amazing as usual. Send pictures!!!
  6. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    Mr Haye was great meeting you as well ;)

    Shame you had to leave early on Friday night.. Excet kept getting better and better.

    Will send through and post some photo's of the camp!

  7. Richard Haye

    Richard Haye New Member

    I bet Excet got better :) Any more camps lined up for the summer? We have Krishna in may, Kali Sikaran Viking Camp in june, and the IKAEF summercamp in july... no rest for the wicked! Trade your sister in for a plane ticket and come back to Europe the IKAEF summercamp, it is awsome! Looking forward to pics :)
  8. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    Mate at the moment we only really have the AMOK camp in September in Thailand and the IPMAF camp in the Philippines again in April (2009) next year.

    Would love to make it over to Europe again for some of the IKAEF events but am going to concentrate on trying to get Kombatan moving in Singapore over the next few months.
  9. lusoarnis

    lusoarnis New Member

    Johnny,Richie,you crazy Guys!

    It was great to be there with you guys!

    I hope to be next year in the Phillipines to be with the crazy bunch again!
  10. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member


    it was great seeing you again in Sweden. Always a pleasure to train with you mate. Pass my regards to Paulo.

    Hopefully I can see you both in the Philippines next year for another crazy time (that goes for you as well Richie).

    Have fun in Portugal with Master Andy and be sure to post some photo's of the seminar on the site so that we can see what you two got up to.

    Stay well mate!


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