Unpaid P44-M electricity bill leaves QC police station in darkness

Discussion in 'Philippine News' started by eskrimakaliarnis.com, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Only in the Philippines...

  2. arnisador

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    Wow, 44 million! That's a neglected bill!
  3. Carol

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    44 000 000 Philippine pesos = 956 516 U.S. dollars

  4. I can believe it...

    Meralco doubled it's rates here and our bill was $500 this past quarter. For just two of us, an aircon and basic gadgets. Still, if the police default on their bill, I guess we can, right?!!!!!

    Apparently this bill is for 5 years. I heard a rumor r that the government gave the police the money and I guess it didn't reach the Electricity company...

    Check this story out from 2009.....

    So not exactly setting a president. I never cease to be amazed here. :(

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