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Discussion in 'The Den' started by buguhan, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. buguhan

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    Hi there,

    as I watched the DogBrothers DVD "Los Triques", I saw in the backgraund at the Inosanto Academy a flagg, that I don't know!
    In the left corbner of the screen you can see some flaggs hanging down the roof: Thailand, Republic of China 1912-1949, Indonesia,the flagg I don't know and Malaysia.
    The one flagg I mean looks a bit like the flagg of Birma, but in the canton there are 3 white stars (or more, maybe 5) on the red ground something like a white spear and a white sword!
    On the internet I couldn't find anything that helps me, so maybe someone of you can!
  2. bentit

    bentit New Member

    could it be the coat of arms of the school? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallery_of_sovereign-state_flags here are some flag gallery yo can check if it's here.
  3. KMAA

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    Is the flag on the left in the link below the one you are referring to?


    If so, I believe it to be a Moro battle flag. There are many variations of the Moro battle flag. If memory serves me correctly, this one should date to circa 1900. These flags were used between 1898 and 1906.
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  4. buguhan

    buguhan Junior Member

    Hi KMAA,

    yes indeed, this is the flag I ment!
    Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Buwaya

    Buwaya Senior Member

    Its the flag of the Sulu Sultanate.

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