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  1. R. Mike Snow

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    Sorry Bro, but that's not really so. Real Talibongs and Ginuntings are only made in Negros and Panay. For instance, real Barungs( a barong is a shirt) are only made in Sulu, Baslilan, Mindanao and Sabah. Real Pira are only made in Basilan, etc.
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    I understand you are going into the blade selling business and I am not in the business per se. meaning I am not selling Talibong's, ginunting's, etc. Instead I collect them through various sources. We should in other words not be at odd's over this. Speaking of this I tried to buy Talibong's through you & an associate of yours but you guy's did not have any at the time. So I went through Jerson Tortal Jr. not wanting to bother the Grand Tuhon.

    Anyway's when the Grand Tuhon is up here he and I will talk over this. [​IMG]
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  3. Brian R. VanCise

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    Now back to Simon's training blades which of course are excellent. I have a couple of panabas trainer's which simply are the best ones in my collection! [​IMG]
  4. R. Mike Snow

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    Hello Brian,

    I am not in the blade business and have no desire to be, and I haven not ever made a dime from what I have received and sold in the past. All the proceeds go to GT Nene and his tour. So obviously you do not understand Bro. What everyone needs to realize about my self is, I am out to preserve a system and really do not care if I make people mad or do and say things they do not like. So far, GT Nene has a totally dedicated inner circle that wishes to do the same and gives a lot of their time and effort to over people asking nothing in return. I personally collect authentic blades and generously let people barrow them, hold them, study them and even cut with them. So that they can learn what it is like to use the real deal and why we cannot twirl them like a baston. In an attempt to put an end to the inaccuracies of the ginunting twirlers on YouTube and other places. I share, I do it for everyone, not just my self. As well as how the sustem evoleved the way it did because of the extreme weight of the weapons used. I think that the associate you are speaking of might have one left, again, might, I am unsure. So you went elsewhere and got a replica that was made in Luzon somewhere. It is a good replica too. Better than the others offer for sure. But I refuse to mislead anyone to tell them that they are authentic, when infact they are not. I do not and will not mislead people. I apologized publicly for accidentally mistating it in an earlier post about the Talibongs. After a second look, it was obvious. I get people constantly that dispespectfully think that after training with GT Nene once or twice, that they are able to go over my head if they do not get what they want immediately, think that they are experts in Ilonggo culture and Sandata and DTS. If this is the type of cooperation, patience and respect that my colgueges and I will recieve after close to a decade of hard work and self-sacrifice that I and my colegues have contributed. Then I will be more than happy to refund your $100 immediately an remove you from the schedule, permanently. I have already spoken to GT about getting you an authentic blade since you did get exactly what you paid someone else. But you seen to be far more interested in being the "Talibong Man", trying to get something that is very difficult to come by and out doing the people that are loyal to GT. At the same time, refusing to admit you have in deed purchadsed blade not from Negros or Panay. Again, I even commented on how nice of a replic you received. I wish I could get authentic Ilonggo Sandata for the price you paid, but it just is not possible. Unless you fly to Negros and walk through the mountains your self. Because the Panday's that do it right are hard to find. Plus you have to know who's palms to grease so that the blades do not get confiscated by the LEO's or Customs people in the region. It's not like Manila, where you just ship and forget. Plus, you have to know what a real Ginunting or Talibong feels like too. Good Luck!
  5. Brian R. VanCise

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    Check you pm box as this thread directly belongs and is about Simon's merchandise.

    Let's move back on topic! [​IMG]
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    Yes, the other discussion should be moved to another thread.

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