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    Hi All,

    Just want to introduce an arnis school that is based in Singapore, United Arnis.

    United Arnis makes use of a training system referred to as the "Unified Traning System" that combines traditional, modern and scientific training methods.

    You can visit our website at www.unitedarnis.com for more details, venue and schedule of training.

  2. arnisador

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    Welcome! Good luck!
  3. stickfightersunited

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    hello all,

    quick question. you are promoting a -unified- system coming from different resources of the FMA yet your title banner on you webpage states :-united arnis- but your logo says united arnis, kali, eskrima. IMHO this contradicts what you are trying to convey to the public. I understand arnis, kali, eskrima are in reality generics names but some people don't use one name but may favor the other. What im trying to say is that your groups name alone states its all about promoting -arnis- first and the others are secondary. at least thats my thought
  4. jwinch2

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    How are you defining a "scientific art"? I hear many people talk about how their art is based on scientific principles but when I take a look at it, I see no evidence of that. Most often, I see things which are profoundly unscientific.

    I am a professor who studies human movement for a living so this question is not intended to be an attack of any kind, but rather curiosity based on my own interests.

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