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Discussion in 'Board Support Issues' started by Ron Kosakowski, May 17, 2008.

  1. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Ok, what went wrong in the PTK section of the forum now? I started a humorous thread, I thought everyone would getta kick out of it and have fun. And now it is not up. What went on while I was away from this forum for a mere 12 hours?
  2. tanod

    tanod New Member

    i was wondering about that too. hmn!
  3. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I'm pretty sure the removal of the PTK section had less to do with your thread, and more to do with all of the bickering over pictures and spelling that was going on in a couple of threads.
  4. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    To all involved, I think the removal of the PTK thread lead to a statement made earlier about GT Jerson Tortal not being trained by his father but by other family members.. It was initiated by a PTK practitioner who is a regular here and I put out a remark about starting the tirade of who trained with who and where over again... It is my belief that the moderators of this forum nipped the problem in the butt before it escalated again.
  5. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    In family problems, we should really stay out of it. Its not our place to say anything. I know there is a problem...I have seen it in the Tortel family in the Philippines and its up to them to solve it. I would not want anyone budding into my family business. There are enough people in the world to supply both PTK and DTS with students so everyone is happy as I see it. It will be a personal choise.

    On the other hand, this is a discussion forum. If there were no more threats of killing each other, why was the PTK thread "disarmed?" Discussion forums will have debates and sometimes heated debates. If the debate starts to be illogical then I say just interject and say, "hold on there fellers!"

    Maybe there was a threat? I would like to hear from the moderaters what happened. Inquiring minds wanna know!
  6. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    Owners Note:

    I'm on my way out to a tournament, so I don't have much time. I'm sick of the rehashing of the same BS. I'm deciding the need of the PTK section at this time, seeing that people would rather argue than contribute to the forum. If anyone has some good PTK information you can post it in the general section for the time being.

    Here is the question I ask all of the members of FMAT:

    Do you want to be part of the problem or the solution?

    I will post more later.
  7. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Tim...the suspence is KILLING me! heheheh
  8. tanod

    tanod New Member

    no problem here! but if there is no ptk thread, this forum is boring. seriously! but like i said no problem here.
  9. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    There are other Filipino arts than ptk that can be discussed. Their histories, their techniques, their events, etc.

    Regarding PTK, there is a lot that can be positively discussed. I'd be curious to see a positive discussion on the differences between the different versions...a discussion that doesn't turn into a frothing mouth rant fest regarding family squabbles, mud slinging and 'blade' measuring.
  10. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Personally I would like the PTK forum opened back up but with PTK practitioners talking about their system and how it works. Everything else to me is just a distraction. [​IMG]
  11. Imua Kuntao

    Imua Kuntao New Member

    I dont find it boring without it, there are many instructors here that write and contribute. I stated before in another thread that when I first started FMA,everyone was super cool with each other. The first time I had any bad vibes were from Two PTK guys at Southwest Texas State university, that was in 1985/86, I wont mention names, I am glad I didn't share any thing with them. When someone does something different it is not wrong and you shouldn't look down on them. PTK practioners do not know all, but seem to act like they do. If you really want to know how good you are do some undercover work for several years and see if you dont become shakey, I dont mean little warehouse stuff but like gun runners and the sort.
  12. Imua Kuntao

    Imua Kuntao New Member

    BTW, PTK people are the only ones I ever seen like this.
  13. SuperToe

    SuperToe Member

  14. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Good luck to them! Of course, PTK technical discussions are always welcome here.
  15. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    No, it seems common amoung stylists. I have seen it in Tang Soo Do back in the old days. I hear about it in Tae Kwon Do. There has been crap in my Kuntao after my teacher died. I am not power hungry so I don't give a ***** either way. My school has been open since the late 80's, I established a following. I am not rich but I am happy and doing what I want to do.

    I think I said it before, there is a big enough population to have students for us all. ;)
  16. Imua Kuntao

    Imua Kuntao New Member

    Yes I agree, there are more doctors and lawyers, but still enough business for everyone. I do not consider any teacher/school as competion for sales/students, I like to pick and choose my students, and teach a few at a time.
  17. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    That's a pretty generalized. Ron, Rob, and Pete, are pretty good guys. I'm a Senkotiros guy and not PTK and I've managed to have entire conversations with them without ever degrading each other or our arts.
  18. Imua Kuntao

    Imua Kuntao New Member

    The people I speak of I met in person. The three you mention seem to be good people, and yes I shouldn't generalize, I am sorry. I have met many PTK here in San Antonio, some think PTK is the only legit style/system. I see what makes a difference is terminology. I never heard of entries before, we just moved in and countered the attack (from long range).

    GLENNLOBO New Member

    i liked the idea that the ptk guys have systematised and refined the thinking behind a lot of what they do. wheni asked questions it is taken as a challenge and usually receives a comment of come and train with us and you will see we are right atitude. not useful in a debating forum. i'd still like the questions answered..
  20. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    PTK's Future on FMAT.

    Once again I felt the need to shut down the PTK section. It seemed that people would rather discuss family feuds than technical discussions. So now I have some good and bad news. Mr. Gaje now has his own forum on his organizational site. I think that this is GREAT NEWS FOR ALL! Mr. Gaje and his group now have a home that is conducive to their on line style. I wish them luck on their latest endeavor! They can be found here: www.pt-go.com

    Now for the bad news…for those who are tempted on using this forum to air dirty laundry, you are here by informed that this type of conduct will not be tolerated. We have been too lenient as of late dealing with this type of behavior. From now on, we will be removing members that add to the current problem. This is not to say that Mr. Gaje’s people are not welcome on this forum. As I mentioned earlier, those who persist in contributing to the problem will be removed. Those who try to be part of the solution will be allowed to stay.

    I will re-open the PTK section later this week.

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