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Discussion in 'JKD-Kali' started by markymarkd, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone. I'm new to this forum. I've been looking to study Eskrima for a short time but have been a bit disappointed to find limited instruction all over the U.S. Well, there seem to be a few more folks teaching in California. Anyway, I found a few studios that teach Eskrima. One specifically follows Doce Paris. The other two I have no knowledge of but they teach Tae Kwon Do along with Eskrima. Has anyone here heard of either of these places?

    Any feedback would be most helpful. I haven't had a chance to visit and I'm also looking at a few other dojos for crosstraining. Me and my boys will be going and will also probably be making the decision as a family but it would help to have some guidance. I know Doce Paris is a good system and the other two aren't giving much information about their lineage.

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    Don't know if your still checking in Mark? Or you've made a choice? I don't know any of these schools. But just looking at websites I would go with #3!


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