Two Masters, One Epic Seminar..December 5th!

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  1. HC B. Jordan

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    With 60 years of combined knowledge and training, Master Dan Medina and Professor Brandon Jordan have joined together to share a lifetime of practice in this one day seminar. If you are looking for a balanced approach to modern self defense with realistic and practical application taught by world-class and internationally recognized master instructors, then this is the workshop for you.

    This seminar will cover entries, disarms, and counter-locks, footwork patterns, transitioning from empty hand to weapons and back again, as well as the secret art of Kina Adman. The novice martial artist will come away with a solid foundation suitable for any future in the martial arts. Likewise, the seasoned martial artist will come away with fun, new additions to their toolbox.

    Be sure to check the links below for registration info.

  2. arnisador

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    How was this event?
  3. Rapier

    Rapier RHC

    It was a small turn out too close to the holiday's, but very good for those that did show up. A lot of information was covered by both Prof. Jordan and myself. A lot of individual attention was given to those that came. I believe that this was a big eye opener for those that have only touched the surface of FMA and Silat. Every one went home happy and with a great wealth of knowledge. Please stay tuned Prof Jordan has a few seminars coming up, don't miss the oppertunity to train with him if you get the chance you will be glad you did. As for me Im still recovering from the holiday,s as this was a busy time for FedEx whom I work for, I will start planing somthing after Valentines Day. So keep checking for future seminars.

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