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    Dear Members please can you help?
    Im looking for information on GM Ilustrisimo's knife fighting system regarding tactics,body movement,attacking and defending techniques against non comitted and comitted attacks and pangamut skills vs the knife.
    was the Tulisan knife fighting system taught by GM Ilustrisimo or is the art only taught under the bakbakan banner?

    Please can anyone help with info on the long bladed weapons that are taught within the Ilustrisimo system regarding training methods/tactics for each one?


    RETIRADA New Member

    To my understanding, Tulisan is Master Rey Galang's knife fighting system based on Tatang's concepts and strategies.

    With regards to long weapons, the way I understand it...the movement, strategies and tactics are one and the same with both impact and edged long weapons...at least that's the way I learned it and the same way that I practice it today as well as teach it within my small club. The way I teach it now due to time constraints is that there is only 'one' method of counterstriking for either knife, sword or stick. This way it is easier to learn, retain and apply.

    I am still learning about Tatang's system and I try to analyze and further understand the art by learning from Tatang's first and second generation students whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

    Merry Christmas (Maligayang Pasko) to all my fellow Ilustrisimo practitioners from all us here in Vancouver, Canada.
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    This is correct Tulisan is particular to Master Rey and not Bakbakan in general. Master Christopher Ricketts does not teach the Tulisan method.


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