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    Don’t Miss this exciting opportunity to train with one of today’s leading experts in Filipino Marital arts!

    Tuhon Ray Dionaldo will be doing a 2 day FCS seminar at:

    In the ring fitness
    1A Street Suite 10
    Londonderry, NH 03053

    Topics covered will be:

    Single Stick/Punyo Mono

    Empty hand against knife

    Single and double Knife


    There will be an exciting opportunity after Saturdays session to train with Kuya Guro Travis Devita of Pambuan Arnis. Guro Travis will be showing Pambuan Espada y Daga along with other concepts from Pambuan Arnis

    Date and Time:
    October 27th and 28th
    11am-5 pm with 1 hour lunch

    1 day $85 2 days $140
    Bonus Pambuan session $20

    Hotel Info:
    The CourtYard by Merriot
    700 Huse Road
    Manchester, NH 03103

    Contact Info:
    Nicholas Stevens

    Further Information:
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    now that sounds interesting and I may well be in the area of NH that weekend. If at all possible I will try to make it there

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