Trip to Negros Occ. for training with Grandmaster Nene Tortal Sr.

Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by Kali Cowboy, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Very cool
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    I'll be scheduling my leave to go to this camp also.. Again, work depending as this is the time of year when we have a lot of people transferring from the military side of the house.. I will be heading to the Philippines in January also, this time for personal reasons and fact finding mission..
  3. Brian R. VanCise

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    Hey Stephen,

    Excellent news that Mike will be posting the information up soon. That way we can all try to plan and make it. [​IMG]
  4. dekiti

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    Silay Airport

    Yes, the Bacolod-Silay Airport is operational. I regularly fly between NAIA 3 airport (Manila) and Bacolod-Silay Airport.

  5. Carol

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    Ooooh what a wonderful trip. I bet you'll have a GREAT time Guro Stephen!! I can't even imagine how much you are going to be learning.
  6. Kali Cowboy

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    Here is the Flier for the DTS Camp in Negros!
  7. Bahad Zubu-Florida

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    Hello Guro Stephen,
    I have been to the Philippines several times. Below are some things I have done to make the travel a little easier...

    1. I wear loose comfortable clothing during the flight.

    2. I wear sandals (that don't separate the toes) with socks so that I do not have to take off shoes during the airport security checks (socks so that my feet don't get cold during in-flight).

    3. I don't wear a belt (I usually put it in my carry-on). No shoes/belt means less to take off during security checks.

    4. I have a passport holder hanging around my neck underneath a jacket or shirt (for easy access). Passport holder should be big enough for airline tickets and a little bit of cash. Don't forget to bring a couple of pens (one for backup). You will need them at immigration.

    5. I try not to stash all my money in one spot. I'll have some in the passport holder, some in a money belt tucked inside my pants and some in my pants pocket.

    6. If you carry a wallet. Try wrapping a few rubberbands around it. This will give more friction when in your pants pocket. Harder for pickpockets.

    7. I give a copy of my itinerary to someone here in the States.

    8. I also make several copies of my passport. This is for renting mopeds/hotel rooms. I never give them my passport--I give them a copy and may show them my real passport but I usually tell them I'm not carrying it. If they insist on a picture ID, I'll give them my drivers license.. I'd rather them steal that than my passport... Also, handy in case you lose your passport...

    9. If I can help it, I travel light. Meaning just a carry-on. So that I don't have to wait on my luggage when I get to the Philippines... It's different when I come back though--with all the goodies I get...

    10. Do not throw away your ticket stubs! You'll need them to re-board for re-fueling... If you're taking Northwest (Jacksonville-Detroit-Japan-Manila) you'll need your ticket stub in Japan to re-board (re-fueling)...

    11. I email myself my passport number, credit card #'s, exp. dates and anything else that I don't trust my memory one... with the credit card #'s, I usually "code" them to where I'm the only one that can decipher them in case someone else was able to access the info..

    12. I put a contact name/number/address in the Philippines inside my carry-on in case I lose it... and reverse on the way back...

    13. Sign up for frequent flyer mileage... that's 20,000 miles...

    Anyways.. hope this helps and happy trip!

  8. Kali Cowboy

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    Thank you so much for the helpful information. There are many things here I have not thought about. I will use this information wisely.
    God Bless and thanks,
  9. Bahad Zubu-Florida

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    Glad I could help...

    Also FWIW.....
    If your cell phone has a sim card (ex. AT&T/Cingular). I would ask your cell phone company to unlock your cell. By doing this, you can switch out your US sim card with a philippine sim card and save you $$$$... it's a good/inexpensive way for locals (your filipino buddies) and for you to reach each other when needed.. You can also have your phone unlocked when you get to PI for a cost of $10 and up depending on the model...

    Avoid giving money to the streetkids. I know sometimes it's hard but if you do be ready to be swarmed by 20 other kids/adults in a matter of seconds... Also, from what I understand sometimes kids would use the money for drugs or they are working for an adult who will take the money from them. What I've done in the past is give them food.

    Try to get a seat assignment as soon as possible. I think you can do it 90 days in advance (but not sure).. Emergency seats give more leg room. Sitting more towards the front may be less noisy. Try not to sit at the back of the plane--it's probably the noisiest part.

    Ask the flight attendents if its a full flight. If not, ask if you can move to an empty section (if your seat assignment has you sitting next to another person) when they close the doors. Being able to stretch out when you want is...... priceless...

    Last but not least....
    Take some Dramamine (sp?) before takeoff if you do not do much flying to prevent air sickness...

    Anyways, the Philippines is a beautiful country. It's very laid back so you may have to "down-shift" a couple of gears to fit in... I love going there. [​IMG] I just hate the process of getting there (and getting back)...[​IMG]

  10. Mangtas

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    And whatever you do, never drink the tap water in Manila. Bottled mineral water sold in every corner store or boiled water is the better option. I was born and raised in Mindanao and thought I had a pretty strong stomach but I actually had to drink softdrinks for a year during every meal just to avoid getting diarrhea while working in Manila back in the 90s, bottled water wasn't so cheap back then :)
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  11. Karl

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    What I do also when I go to Jolibee if ever or other places is to drink coke or whatever without ice.....
    Since you swet a lot Steve, take the kind of shirts that dont absorv much liquid....I use to change my shirt there 3 to 4 times a day while training....I take Vitamins with me and add it to the water Im drinking...because you will really swet there.....
    Dont forget to take gloves, the one without the fingers, they might help in your training....
  12. Bahad Zubu-Florida

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    Just remembered some terminology:

    When out in restaurants ask for tissue instead of napkins. I had made the mistake of asking a waiter for some napkins to wipe my hands and I ended getting a puzzled look. Later I found out "napkin" is usually a term for a product women use for their monthly cycle... (imagine wiping your hands with one of those, eh... lol)

    Bathrooms are called CR. It's short for Comfort Room.

    Bottled water is usually called "Mineral". I make sure that the cap is still sealed when I get it to be on the safe side.

    If you do get diarrhea. I do not recommend taking immodium AD (or the like). Reason is--I did that one time and my stomach felt sooo stopped up it wasn't funny. I'm not a doctor but am thinking the "waste" had nowhere to go so it was just building up in my system... this was one of those times when the saying is true... "Man, your full of S***!)
  13. Navadisha

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    Something new I tried this year was Pepto Bismol. Either the tablets or the chewables. Take two before every meal consistently.
    Having been sick for months afterwards last trip I was very careful this time (Yeah I was last time too...).
    I can't say it worked for sure, All I can say is my son and I were really the only ones in our party who never got the least bit sick. It was worth it. Something to do with coating the intestines and not giving anything a place to set up home.
    If you do get sick "Emergen-C" is a good thing to bring along. It's good to get you elctolytes back up.
    As far as ice, always specify your drinks when you order, never assume. And if you order fresh fruit, make sure they don't put it "on ice" for you.
    And wipe your can tops.
    Pick up a pamaypay (fan) at the local souveneir stand. You'll use it.
    If you're staying in one place for long, save any empty water bottles and as soon as you are able, get to a grocery/dept store and buy a few gallon jugs of drinking water. (you'd be surprised how much you go through). Just keep filling the bottles and always have one with you. And use them to brush your teeth.
    But do try the sticky rice sold in bannana leaves made over fires. Even in Manila any driver can get it for you.
    Now, all the foods you must try, I could go on and on. Man up and try the Jackfruit, Durian and Balut.
    Sisig, Ube, Mangosteen, Kini Lao, Mangos (oh, the mangos), Kalamansi and buko juice, sugpo, Santol, lechon, I'd better stop now.
    I think we fit in some training at some point.
  14. silat1

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    Quit talking about the Philippines, hell I just might see you over there this time.. I am going next month to clean house and get rid of relatives who are freeloading in my house over there currently in preparation for remodeling the whole thing.. I am going to expand the main house so we can have a place to train when you go back and come to train with me in Pampanga...

    That's what I am looking to do, setting up training packages for people who want to get away from Manila and enjoy the clear and clean air around mount pinatubo.. Roughly about a 4-6 hr hike up a mountain where there is a spa and you can get a massage after training..

    Nothing like nice clean mountain air to clear your lungs and build your cardio.. Also a lot of history in the Angeles City and Clark area..

  15. arnisador

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    How long does it take a person's system to adjust to what's in the water there? If I spent three months there and did drink the water, would I be fine after than?
  16. Navadisha

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    You tell me to quit and there YOU go. Maaaaannnnnnnn!
    Bill, it's a deal. Let me know. I had hoped the last trip I could arrange a detour on the way back through Manila.
    I am so there.
  17. silat1

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    Hey Steve,
    Once I get things settled with the remodeling and other aspects of the situation, I'll drop you an email and tell you what I have planned... This program has been in my plans for the last 3 yrs, ever since I bought the property in the Philippines.. I'm just joking about quit talking about the Philippines, I will be up in the area checking out the stuff with pinatubo and the hump up there...

  18. R. Mike Snow

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    Wow, sounds like a plan Bill! May I help you evict them? Having your place, Steve's pepto, Jeff's photographic memory, Karl's extra shirts and Stephen's bottled water, it will be a total blast. I can wire the place for ya for zilch and it'll comply with the new 2008 N.E.C. Code. Hell, I'll even cook..............and Stephen has just the blade to take care of the chickens for us.

    Oh, the water sometimes has microbes in it. Maybe not so much in the higher elevations though. GT has even fought a couple of times suffering from an amoeba.
  19. Why do you want to???!!!

    I've been living in Aisa for 6 years and never drink tap water. I probably wouldn't drink it if I was back home in the UK either. Mineral water from a 7-11 is extremely cheap compared to western prices. A big 4 gallon tub (or whatever the measure is - like in most gyms anyway) is like $1 from a water franchise so you won't go thirsty.

    I do however use tap water to brush my teeth and have ice with my drinks but don't know how long that would take to get used to...
  20. silat1

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    I can tell you that some times the little critters called bacteria can get ya.. I was laid up in the hospital for a week, lost 40lbs by a little critter that I got from drinking water.. Not my idea of an ideal way of losing weight.. I still have trouble from this little parasite now and then depending on what I eat or drink...

    Think about it before doing it

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