Traveling with Experiences?

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  1. adam t babb

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    i have heard of peapole useing a hard case for golf clubs to carry both swords and far as fedex and UPS they will only tell you no if you tell them you are sending somthing sharp (make sure you pack it so it dosent move ie lots of foam & bubble wrap
  2. bentit

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    Unfortunately this is true in some small airports. My cousin was stopped at cagayan de oro airport because he had some rattan sticks in his luggage for check in. The officer gave him a ;) look and said "for a small amount we can let is slide". That was the only time he was stopped. manila airport had no problem so was Jacksonville, FL. He went back to the Phils. last year and the same airport "embargoed" his blade and sticks.. so I dont know what was the deal with that:confused:
  3. lmanalo

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    i have travelled with live blades & trainers cross-country before with varying results; they were always with my checked-in luggage.
    some airports i've had no issues, other airports- i've had to explain to staff that i'm a martial artist and that i was teaching/participating at a seminar. But each time I was able to pass through.
    however, we have heard that it has become increasingly difficult, especially for our students that travel internationally.
    i always recommend that those students have printed material to support their training- flyers, business cards, and a contact # that the authorities could call or a website that they could confirm.
    if i were to transport a blade that was a gift, perhaps a letter confirming that with a business card attached.

    i am going to research that Fed-ex option though.

    leo manalo
    Full Instructor Atienza Kali
  4. lmanalo

    lmanalo New Member

    i just got off the phone with Fed-Ex & the representative confirmed that there were no restrictions on shipping swords or training weapons.
    the only restrictions they had were firearms.

    i had called stating that i was going to fly to a martial arts seminar & had issues with airports and security before and had called to see if i could ship some swords/trainers ahead of my trip. the representative was not sure about any restrictions on swords so had to confirm with his supervisor. he came back online to tell me that there were no restrictions on swords as long as they were properly/safely wrapped.

    so looks like i might be using Fed-Ex on my next trip =)

    leo manalo
    Full Instructor Atienza Kali
  5. De Campo JDC-IO

    De Campo JDC-IO Junior Member

    I recently came back from the Philippines and had issues at the airport in Dumaguete. After screening my check in bag, the PNP requested I open my suitcase. After reveling I had a few swords and knives I was asked to follow them into a back room. At first they said I would have to separate them from my luggage and claim them at the PNP station in Manila. Eventually I was allowed to check them in as a normal check in thanks to the help of a porter who was helping us out. The bags were marked for the connecting flight to LAX. The issue came later as I never saw my bag(s) in Manila. Since our connecting flight was later in the day we went "shopping" in Manila. When we went to check in another bag that had more "toys" the check in girl told me I already had four bags checked in and this new bag would cost $150 as a penalty for too many check ins. Jokingly I said I'll be more then happy to carry this bag on but no one laughed when they found out the contents. Thankfully I was able to talk my way through it and was not charged anything. The moral of the story is plan ahead and travel light!
  6. arnisador

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    Martial artist wins lawsuit over sai in carry-on luggage.

    Seen on MT:
    Martial artist wins court battle over weapons

  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Checking Weapons Cache Okay, As Long As It's Declared

    More details here:

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