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    Woof All:

    Given that many of us train for the possibility of serious matters of reality, it is really quite surprising how few of us have trauma kits for gun and/or knife wounds in our cars or at home.

    Those of you with our "Die Less Often-3" DVD know that there is a segment featuring combat medic "Kaju Dog" who served with the Marines at Fallujah introducing a few basics. Kaju will be teaching the morning segment (and perhaps a bit more) on Friday at our DBMA Winter Camp (Feb 17-19. See our website for registration and other details.)

    As part of this ongoing thrust in DBMA, while at the SHOT Show this past January in Las Vegas, I connected with a good supplier for a good basic kit. The kit is now in and will be available for sale to those attending the Camp-- where you will get to work with it a bit under the supervision of Kaju Dog as part of the training.

    The kit will also be available on the catalog on our site.

    Guro Crafty
  2. Crafty Dog

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