Training with the Grandmaster of DTS, Jerson "Nene" P Tortal Sr.

Discussion in 'Dekiti Tirsia Siradas' started by Kali Cowboy, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Kali Cowboy

    Kali Cowboy New Member

    Last weekend, Grandmaster Nene Tortal left Florida to go back to his Indiana base camp, to rest and prepare for the PIG, in Chicago, this coming October. What a grand time we had!

    After many days of rigid training with live blades, knives, training blades, sticks, open hands, one small cut (I cut myself, LOL you had to be there) and a beat up body, Grandmaster has worn me and Mike Snow out!

    We went stick vs stick, stick vs training blade, stick vs live blade, knife vs empty hand, trainer vs trainer, full contact sparring with Hawtaw sticks and no padding, full contact sparring with live stick with head gear and a glove. We even did mounted training on horseback with live blades!
    Grangmaster said, "Very terrible."

    We went up to Jacksonville to visit a new friend of ours, Guro Sam DeGalisia, who treated us to a fine dinner. Afterwords we went back to his school for a training demonstration by Grandmaster and lots of airtime for me. Guro Sam is a humble man and I hope to be training with him again soon.

    I encourage anyone interested in training at their home with a living legend and true Grandmaster of Dekiti Tirsia Siradas to get in touch with Mike Snow and get on the schedule for next year. I myself will have him here for two more weeks of training, and durring that time I hope to coordinate a couple of seminars for him here in Florida. If anyone out there is interested in Florida seminars please shoot me or Guro Mike Snow a PM.

    I will be posting pictures later today after I figure out how to do it.

    God Bless,

    Stephen Shy
    DTS Florida
  2. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Thanks Stephen! :)
  3. Kali Cowboy

    Kali Cowboy New Member

    Here are some of the mounted pictures.....


    Grandmaster Jerson P Tortal Sr., mounted on Mr. Cody
    Kali Cowboy on the ground.


    Initial Clash


    First Counter




    Grandmaster recountering my counter.

    Mr. Cody is very cooperative. I shoot guns off his back, he will go anywhere I ask him to go and he does not mind swinging steel around him. He is wonderful. I am hoping Grandmaster will post some of the firelight pictures he has of my small herd.

    More pictures coming soon.
    God Bless,
  4. Kali Cowboy

    Kali Cowboy New Member

    Grandmaster kept telling Cody..."Footwork! You must apply! Footwork left, stepback right! Cody was confused, but as you can tell by his face he knew it did not matter. Grandmaster had the situation well at hand!
  5. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Hey Stephen,

    As a kid growing up out in the country it was a true joy to have horses and be able to shoot off them. [​IMG]
  6. patrickdpr

    patrickdpr New Member

    I hope to join you guys next year, or the year after at least!

    i'll probably stay off the horses though... lol
  7. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Except for the heat, it was a great trip! I just fell in love with your new baby Stephen, I keep dreaming about her. And you thought I would think she was ugly? She's short, curvey and thick on the bottom, mmmmm....mmmm.....

    The Hawtaw sticks were awesome Simon! It was the first time I have ever had one in my hands. You'll be hearing from me soon.

    I pick up the new shirts on the first guys, so I will be sending you one Sam as I promised and I'll just give Stephen his at the PIG.

    You student is awesome Stephen, a super hard hitter to say the least.

    I had a good time cutting too! How's about that footage Stevie?

    Had a great time, thanks Bro................. : )
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  8. GT Nene Tortal

    GT Nene Tortal -== Banned ==-

    I had a very terrible(good) time Stephen. Your top student was a very impressive young man. It has been many years since I have been on a horse but felt very good. It was a real please to meet Sam too. I hope to see him again very soon as well.
  9. Bahad Zubu-Florida

    Bahad Zubu-Florida New Member

    Again, thanks for the kind words...

    That weekend sounded awesome! Yeah, I wished I could've been there...

    Guro Mike--Thanks for the shirt (medium if you have it). If you like and if it's okay with Guro Stephen, I can wait until you see Guro Stephen at the PIG and you can give both shirts then. I can then get the shirt from Guro Stephen.

    Guro Stephen--Let me know if I can help in some way with your seminars...

    GT Nene--Thank you again for stopping by Jax to give me a chance to meet you, Guro Mike and Guro Stephen. I had a great time!


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