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Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by samson818, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. samson818

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    I was wondering what the training curriculum/progression was like in Kali Ilustrisimo.

    I have hear/read that KI training emphasized timing and principle over technique.

    Where do you start a beginner in the KI system?
    Is there a drill progression such as in Inosanto Kali (3 count, 5 count, 8 count.....)?
    Does KI incorporate many tapitapi/sumbrada/flow drills?
    Is there alot of single technique drilling to practice footwork, various timing, etc.?
    What advanced training methods does the system employ? (I thoroughly understand if this is not discussed in public).

    Just trying to get a better overview of such a well respected system.
  2. JohnJ

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    The art does not rely on technique but universal principles and various strategies to illicit openings. Economy of motion is also essential. Such principles are easily transferable to long and short weapons. The Itak (sword) is the main weapon taught first. And emphasis is on precision handling and effective footwork for zoning. Drills are not used to measure progress. It is a mere tool that has specific targets of development. The ideal goal would be to react with thought. No tapi-tapi or tapping. There are component drills as stated above that are target specific and ultimately can be pieced together in Cuatro Cantos (refer to other thread). Cuatro Cantos is the most versatile drill and unique to KI because it is a training tool that needs no deviation to each weapon category. It is used to enhance a practitioners ability to react and counter with little to no thought. It is the highest form of training. And targeting to full-contact sparring!

  3. samson818

    samson818 New Member

    Thanks for the detailed reply Guro John.
    I really appreciate the intricacies of the KI system.
    Its a beautiful thing that Tatang's senior students were able to map out a curriculum of the system for future generations.
    Thank you for promoting this great system.
    Hopefully I will be able to train KI sometime in the near future.

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