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Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Looking for a local training partner? Whether you're interested in a regular training partner or just want to get together occasionally with others in your area who also practice the FMA, you can post your info. here for others to see. Be sure your spelling is right so the thread can be searched by location/art! Please begin your post with at least the following information (you may highlight and copy it from this message; using your real name is optional):

    Name: your real name
    Username: your FMATalk user name
    Location: city, state/province/region, country
    Arts Taught: any art you are able and willing to teach
    Arts of Interest: the FMA styles you are most interested in learning about

    After that, add additional info. if you wish. Note that the PM system allows you to be contacted without revealing your personal info. (unless you have disabled it).

    If you wish your post removed or modified at a later date, just contact a member of the staff. We'll be happy to remove it, change your location, add an art, etc.

    Please limit posts in this thread to announcements of the form indicated below. Do not use this thread for discussion; start a new thread for that. Also, this thread is not for school announcements but rather for finding peer-to-peer training partners.

    -FMATalk Admin-
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  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Name: Jeff Leader
    Username: arnisador
    Location: Terre Haute, IN, USA
    Arts Taught: Modern Arnis
    Arts of Interest: any
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  3. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    Name: Rich Parsons
    Username: Rich Parsons
    Location: Flint, Mi, USA
    Arts Taught: Modern Arnis
    Arts of Interest: any
  4. lhommedieu

    lhommedieu Senior Member

    Training Partner

    Name: Stephen Lamade
    Username: lhommedieu
    Location: East Northport, N.Y. 11731 (Long Island)
    Arts Taught: San Miguel Eskrima; Estacada-Stick
    Arts of Interest: Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Jodo, Whip, Throwing Knife (I would like to learn more about these)
  5. kroh

    kroh New Member

    Name: Walt Robillard
    Username: kroh
    Location: Cranston, Rhode Island
    Arts Taught: Filipino Combatives (Also Kempo and Jeet Kune Do)
    Arts interested: Any except for basket weaving

    The aforementioned practitioner formerly known as kroh (the guy on the right).
  6. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Member

    Name: Stuart Bowen (Not the President's chief advisor on reconstruction in Iraq. The other one.)
    Username: ap Oweyn
    Location: Northern Virginia
    Arts taught: Doce Pares primarily. I have some experience with Inosanto Kali and the associated arts, plus about a year's exposure to Modern Arnis, though I don't claim to teach either one.
    Arts interested: FMA in general, plus a range of other styles (e.g., muay thai and boxing)

    I have a Modern Arnis group that I train with periodically, but it's been a while since they've gotten together. I also don't have a lot of time between now and my graduation from graduate school in May. But I'd like to at least make some connections for the future.
  7. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    Name: Sheldon Bedell
    Username: Sheldon Bedell
    Location: Athol, Ma. ( on rt 2 in north central area of state)
    Arts Taught: Sikaran
    Arts of Interest: ALL
  8. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    Name: John G. Jacobo
    Username: John J
    Location: Columbia, Maryland
    Arts Taught: Kalis Ilustrisimo / Bakbakan Kali & Personal Defense Methods(PDM)
    Arts of Interest: All

    PDM is my empty-hand program which draws principles from both Eastern & Western combat disciplines. It relies heavily on aggressive training methodologies that will not only hone skills but develop a combat mindset.

    John J
  9. Nanalo74

    Nanalo74 New Member

    Name: Vic Arroyo
    Username: Nanalo74
    Location: NY/NJ area
    Arts Taught: Filipino Kali, JKD, Jun Fan Gung Fu
    Arts of Interest: Anything that works in the street

  10. Danny T

    Danny T New Member

    Name: Danny Terrell
    Username: Danny T
    Location: New Iberia, La. USA
    Arts Taught: Pekiti-Tirsia, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling
    Arts of Interest: All
  11. Danny T

    Danny T New Member

    Name: Danny Terrell
    Username: Danny T
    Location: New Iberia, La. USA
    Arts Taught: Pekiti-Tirsia, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Boxing, Grappling
    Arts of Interest: All
  12. wes tasker

    wes tasker New Member

    Name: Wes Tasker
    Username: wes tasker
    Location: Somerville, MA
    Arts Taught: Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Pentjak Silat Kendang, Pentjak Silat Serak, Pentjak Silat Tjimande, Quan Chu Xing Yi Kuntao, Bai Yun Ba Gua Zhang Kuntao
    Arts of Interest: San Miguel Eskrima, Qi Lin Pai Quan Fa, Xing Yi Quan , Grappling, Whip
  13. KrissOfSweden

    KrissOfSweden Member

    Name: Kristoffer Sundh
    Username: KrissOfSweden
    Location: Sweden, Eskilstuna
    Arts Taught: I rather get teached then teach, but I got some experince with Kali Sikaran and some Modern Arnis, not super great JET ;)
    Arts of Interest: I love the fma so i don't really care, but if you know some karambit, please teach me!!! ;)

    Sadly there aint to much fma people here in Sweden...But hopefully it will grow.....
  14. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    Name: Pat O'Malley
    Username: Pat OMalley
    Location: Yorkshire, England. UK
    Arts Taught: Rapid Arnis, Doce Pares.
    Arts of Interest All FMA styles, I have been lucky that I have train in a few, but still hungry for more.

    DAMAG-INC New Member

    Name: Daniel Arola
    Username: DAMAG-INC
    Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina
    Arts Taught: JKD Concepts, Filipino Kali (Inosanto lineage) Muay Thai, CSW Grappling, 3rd Dan Hapkido, 1st Dan Tang Soo Do.
    Arts of Interest All FMA styles, Kuntao, Silat, Savate, Krabi-Krabong, Bando
  16. Ron B

    Ron B Junior Member

    name Ron Buchholz
    username Ron B
    location Port Colborne,Ontario,Canada (about 30 minutes from
    Niagara Falls,Canada
    arts practiced Modern Arnis
    arts interested all
  17. ChrisFry

    ChrisFry New Member

    Name: Chris Fry
    UserName: ChrisFry
    Location: Utica, NY
    Arts: Pekiti-Tirsia, Liu Seong Combat Arts, JKD, JKD Grappling, U.S.A. Goju Karate, WW2 Combatives, Adrenaline Stress Training, Defensive & Combative Small Arms
    Interests: Most arts, Silat, Firearms, Reading and walks in the woods........
  18. Black Grass

    Black Grass Junior Member

    Name: Vince Bollozos
    Username: Black Grass
    Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Arts Taught: Kali Ilustrisimo, Bakbakan Kali, JKD Concepts
    Arts of Interest All (especialy FMA)
  19. Soncen

    Soncen Teovel Balintawak


    Name: Wilson R. Ceniza
    User Name: soncen
    Residence: B30-L5 CNSP Canduman, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
    Training Location: Rizal St. North Rd, Basak, Mandaue City
    Arts taught: Teovel Balintawak Self-defense System
    Arts of interest: Arnis, hand-to-hand combat, street self-defense fighting
  20. Guru Jim

    Guru Jim New Member

    Name: James Hogue
    Username: Guru Jim
    Location: Gardner, KAnsas, USA
    Arts Taught: Marcial Kali, & Pukulan Tjiminde Malay
    Arts of Interest: Open

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