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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by animal_stylez, May 23, 2008.

  1. animal_stylez

    animal_stylez New Member

    So I'm curious as to how everyone trains on their own? I'm starting to hit a lull in my training, and looking for new ideas.

    Currently I hit the tire for power and to work on combinations, as well as foot work drills; I hang tennis balls and strike at them, but do not hit them, for accuracy; Then try to work on a combination of footwork/striking for accuracy and power in the air.

    Thanks for the ideas...:)
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    When I think of Kombatan I think of sinawalis, which of course require a partner!
  3. zelbone

    zelbone Guest

    Siniwalis are easier with a partner, but it can be done alone especially if you are working on just your form. Actually, working on form is what I do when I am training alone. I'll go through the motions of the 43 doble baston defenses, 41 siniwalis, and the 20 espada y daga techniques that I know of and just work on form. Then I try to break them down and see how they flow together and their possible applications. Sure it's best to work with a partner, but this can be done alone as well.
  4. animal_stylez

    animal_stylez New Member

    I do siniwali's as well, which you can do just fine against tires or bags. I also swing smaller wooden bats to help build strength in wrist and arms.
  5. Riddick29

    Riddick29 New Member

    I have a Dummy in my subbasement, I work my knifes angles on him by trying to be as precise as possible.
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Yeah, the BOB is great and holds up much better than expected.
  7. armas

    armas Junior Member

    Hey bro! Training alone is boring! hahaha! But if you hit tires and the bags include some twirling to loosen up and strengthen your forearm muscles and wrists.

    If you can get a stick and tie it on a tree or a post us this as a dummy one at shoulder level and a stick at knee level. It will work your footwork or evasion. you can block and catch. And do largo movements on this. Try to hit the tip of the stick in front of you with the tip of your stick not the body. It's for precision. NOthing expensive but was taught to me by one of my Maestros back in the day. Hope this helps.
  8. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

    I remember a youtube vid where the stick they used was hanging. It was a long stick and if you hit one end the other end will whip right around at you.
  9. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    that would make for interesting training.. at least you would always get into a habit of bringing your sticks back to a defensive position after you have delivered a strike.. cool!
  10. animal_stylez

    animal_stylez New Member

    Yeah I have done the stick hanging from a rope and hitting it. You do have to either pull the stick back to defend or just duck the stick swinging your way. I found the FMADigest issue that had some home made dummies you can make. I'll have to see if I can make one of those.

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