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    Hi Folks,

    Got the following question on my Facebook page and thought you would like to see the exchange.

    Dear Tuhon Bill,

    I just wanted to say first off that your stick speed is ridiculous. As in ridiculously fast lol I was wondering what kind of practices I can do to get my flow down, from movement to movement when free forming it, and also what practices can I do to develop crazy speed like that with a stick? Thank you very much for your time sir.

    Robert B.

    Hi Robert,
    To get speed you have to practice in two areas, endurance and coordination. For endurance, do multiple reps a day of each exercise found in the "Dirty Dozen" drills. Start with 10 reps of each exercise and work up to 100 reps, 3 days a week. For coordination, do 10-15 minutes of one combination of strikes slowly and smoothly 6 days a week. Start with a simple combo like the four basic diagonal strikes. The trick here is to do the combo only as fast as you can do it perfectly. If it is not perfect-slow down until it is. You want to have all the parts of the combo moving at the same speed. Gradually speed this up.

    Here's the video clip he linked to the comment. (sorry about the quality. It's a copy of a copy from VHS)
    [video=youtube;ClCHubIlDhM] index=87[/video]
    This shows Grandtuhon Gaje and I at a seminar in Hannover, Germany in 1996.

    So folks, what are your thoughts on training for speed?

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Can I put my 2 cents?

    What I’m often see is that beginners usually under speed understanding the speed of the hands (bare or holding the stick). The point here is that footwork and body mechanics should be considered. Hence only the whole body coordination is extremely affects the speed.

    My second observation is that practitioners for example learning some combination of strikes make it in too much broken rhythm. Meaning to say they do well known or habitual movements quick and put pauses between or on hard parts of combo. The fact is that system’s speed is limited by the slowest component. Trying to speed-up the motion practitioner have to move seamless and fluidly.

    But of course Tuhon Bill is 100% right.” To get speed you have to practice in two areas, endurance and coordination.“
  3. dcm

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    thank you tuhon for this post and an earlier one on mention ab work to help especially the obliques.what other exercises would help.don m.
  4. Danny T

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    If I may; Repetition is the mother of skill. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.
    Tuhon Bill would have us do combinations of strikes such as Diagonal 1, inside Vertical, diagonal 2, outside vertical or maybe something like 1-4-3-2 (out of 5 attacks) for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Or have everyone line up in rows and do 100 witiks then switch the stick with the person in front of you and repeat until we had done 100 with everyone's stick. Felt like my forearms were going to explode and would wake up during the night with my arms flailing subconsciously.

    Once becoming proficient in the pattern start using the hips and slight turning of the body to accelerate the stick speed.

    Slow, steady, constant stick manipulation increasing the speed incrementally as you become more proficient.

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