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    Dave Everett’s Traditional Filipino Weapons Blade Collection for Sale (as of 9/30/13)
    Take 35% off of List Prices found at
    All blades are new and unused, but there may be some very slight markings from being sheathed in the scabbards (this is normal). Photos of the actual blades are available upon request, as needed.
    Prices include shipping to the continental U.S. via USPS Priority Mail, uninsured.(lower 48 states, only and no international). Buyer accepts all risk for loss or theft. Tracking number will be provided at the time of shipping.
    Final prices and shipping arrangements will be determined through direct communication via email with buyers.
    Dave may be reached for questions and sale arrangements at

    1. Kris #1
    2. Kris #2
    3. Kris #4
    4. Straight Kris
    5. Kampilan Bolo
    6. Gayang
    7. Laring (finial missing from handle pommel, rounded off) - $125 for this blade, only
    8. Kambantuli
    9. Pinute
    10. Janap
    11. Katipunan
    12. Itak Tagalog
    13. Sword Cane
    14. Sansibar #5
    15. Northern Sansibar #1
    16. Northern Sansibar #2
    17. Baraw Dagger
    18. Igorot Axe #2
    19. Sawtooth Ironwood Flat Stick
    20. Celtic Dress Sword
    21. Claymore
    22. Braveheart
    23. Kukri knife
    24. Gijo Ironwood Stick
    25. Gunong knife
    26. Punyal Knife
    27. Filipino Karambit
    28. Pakal Knife #3
    29. Ceremonial Knife #1

    Dave is a long time Pekiti guy and the photog for TFW. Great blades at great prices.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Just a point of clarification. This is a sale from Dave's private collection. There is no sale going on at the TFW website.

    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Thanks for the heads up Tuhon Bill!

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