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    Just one week away! The legendary Top Dog Eric Knaus, the "Fighting Force" around whom the Dog Brothers coalesced, for the last time on the West Coast!
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    Note the discounts for the members of the Dog Brothers Tribe and for members of the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association:

    A reminder of two wonderful seminars coming up in the LA area in the next two weeks. Sign up at!

    The first seminar features the legend himself-- "Top Dog" Eric Knaus, "the Fighting Force" around whom the Dog Brothers coalesced.

    What more need be said?

    This will be his final seminar ever on the West Coast! It will be held at the school of DBMA Guro Fu Dog Mark O'Dell in Moreno Valley and home of the Moreno Branch of the Hermosa Clan. Yes, this is a bit of a drive (details at , but it will be a day to remember!

    The second seminar is the following weekend and will be held at Rigan Machado and Martin Wheeler's school in Beverly Hills. It features Lloyd de Jongh and his Piper Tripwire system.

    I know Lloyd is not a big name (yet) but I am asking you to take my word for it that you will be glad you came. Over the years I have spotted talent hidden unknown to others more than once; I like being ahead of the thundering herd as best as I can.

    When I first met him (1982), Paul Vunak was a guy in Long Beach teaching in the alley behind his house. His approach to trapping was cutting edge and I became his student and his business partner and helped launch his martial arts career on the larger stage of the martial arts world via the Panther Videos and making the introduction that opened the door for him with SEAL Team Six.

    Next came Eric Knaus in 1986 when he was some guy in the park in Bixby Knolls looking for people to hit with sticks. We became friends and training partners (obviously I was the junior!) Fast forward to 1988 and we started the Dog Brothers and Eric was "Top Dog" of the Dog Brothers again I made the connection with Panther Productions that led to the 1993 series that launched Eric and the rest of us.

    In 1990, three years before the UFC, I started in BJJ with the Machado Brothers in their garage; this was of tremendous help as I took what I learned and evolved it into part of my expression of Dog Brothers Real Contact Stick Fighting. (A few years I introduced them to my teacher Guro Dan Inosanto, who began training with them all the way to his BJJ black belt.)

    There have been a few more examples along the way, but I think the point is made.

    Things brings me to Lloyd de Jongh and his Tripwire Knife system. Just as Paul Vunak, Eric Knaus, and the Machado Brothers were not widely known when I began with them, so too Lloyd and his Piper-Tripwire Knife system- though he is well known and highly regarded in certain knife circles.

    We first met in person when he was briefly in Los Angeles several years ago I had the opportunity to take some privates with him. The training at the time was in the South African criminal system now known as "Piper" which is blended with some silat influence from Dutch and Indonesian sailors (remember, in part South Africa used to be a Dutch colony and that Indonesia was a Dutch colony) The result is that Lloyd's Piper-Tripwire is very much a South African system full of deceptive rhythm and movement with sophisticated lethal awareness that is quite distinct.

    The challenge for me to continue in the training is that he is from South Africa and often works with the good guys in the Middle East for extended amounts of time. In the absence of my being able to continue hands on training, Lloyd and I have maintained contact over the years via email, Skype, and sharing video. Lloyd is a very well read and very bright man who lives a very interesting life. (See paragraph below)

    It is against this background that when Mahipal Lunia of the San Francisco told me he was bringing Lloyd in for a symposium in the Bay Area that I saw an opportunity to piggy back on Mahipal's bringing him to the US.

    So exactly what will the seminar be about? After all, in a certain sense, knife is easy. As the witticism goes, "The pointy end goes in the other guy."

    Here's how Lloyd describes what he will be covering:

    "I will be contrasting the Piper System with the Tripwire System movement and methods. Content will be an analysis of criminal use of the blade from a South African perspective, assault and ambush to counter-assault and counter-ambush interventions, fighting back from structural disadvantage/behind the attack curve, prison and street-style assassination, street assault and non-Western movement vs conventional technique and expectations. This video is from ~2009, it showcases Piper System movement and the empty hand "Form Style". It is from my older generation of material but may be illuminating:

    For me Piper-Tripwire offers three things:

    1) an idiom of movement that is quite different- one that is very hard to read and very deceptive- and to my eye of considerable interest for empty hand application as well.

    Those of you who follow my work know that I am very big on what happens before contact is made (in DBMA terminology "Snake Range") for this is where dominance upon first contact can be established. Always important (why Bruce Lee put his strong side forward) in empty hand, it is even more important when weapons are involved!

    2) Furthermore there is much here that interfaces quite well with the knife templates of Dog Brothers Martial Arts and my as yet unrevealed-to-the-public "Chupacabra" knife system.

    3) Beyond the particulars of technique, Lloyd has a wealth of knowledge in criminal tactics. When he speaks of "counter assault and counter ambush interventions, fighting back from structural advantage/behind the attack curve" and related matters, this is some real world real gold. Whether you are undercover LEO or other LEO, or and under the radar screen gray man the knowledge here will deepen the value of what you already should the flying fickle finger of fate reach out one day to touch you.

    Note that the seminar will begin Saturday after regular classes finish at "The Academy" at 17:00 (5PM) and run approximately until 21:00? This means that if you need to travel to the seminar that you can do so Saturday morning. Sunday will be a long and very full day.

    The Adventure continues!

    Punong Guro Crafty Dog Marc Denny

    "Higher Consciousness through Harder Contact" ©

    Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers
    President/Dog Brothers Inc.

    To sign up go to and click your way along.
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    This coming Saturday, this man, the "Fighting Force" around whom "the Dog Brothers" coalesced, will be in the LA area for the last time.

    To sign up see

    Note discount for members of the DB Tribe and for members of the Dog Brothers Martial Arts Association. If you are both, you get both discounts!
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    Awesome time yesterday.

    13 members of the DB Tribe in attendance, 9 of whom were full Dog Brothers.

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