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  1. Some of Master Pedring Romo's students give the tire a work out..


    Hmmm, the forum never seems to want to embed youtube for me :(

    Anyway, here's a direct link. Worth checking out for the footwork ;)


  2. taeman22

    taeman22 New Member

    nice video simon
  3. Thanks.

    If I can hit / move half as well as those guys (and 1/4 as good as Jordan - 2nd player in the vid and ex SEA Games champion) I will be a happy man.
  4. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    :eek: Holy C**p Kuya Simon that was a good video.

    Who was that girl and remind me not to spar with her if i ever meet her.
  5. Thanks Phil :)

    Her name is Carol and I was surprised as well as she is quite petit and gave the tire a good bashing. Reminds me never to be surprised by any of Master Pedring / Master Yulis former students when it comes to sparring.

    Like the first guy. He was just walking by in the street and Master Yuli called him in to the "gym". He (Maestro) told me he was a sparring champion from back in the day so I roped him in to do a youtube video LOL !

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