Tip Of The Week : Leave it to the Experts

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    Tip Of The Week : Leave it to the Experts

    Leave it to the Experts

    I often hear from prospects and clients that they are considering doing it themselves, or handing it over to a student or junior family member. 'IT" is a lot of things. Design of their site, upkeep, marketing, etc.

    The problem with this is, while it might be short-term cheaper, it can cost you more over the long haul.

    For example, if the septic system in your back yard caves in, you could call your buddies, shore it up with plywood and cover it in dirt. Eventually however, you'll end up knee deep in, well, you know. For something serious like this you call the professionals.

    Why would you trust the marketing of your business with someone who is just learning? Unless you have the experience and training, you should leave your website design and marketing to the experts. They can guide you around the pitfalls and traps, and free up your time to do what you are good at, which is the business.

    Take off a few hats, and leave it to the experts.

    - Bob

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