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Discussion in 'General' started by baganing_balyan, Jun 21, 2008.

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    I read the post of this guy in the other forum refuting my contention that tinegre is the name of a visayan blade because of its handle carving patterned after a tiger's head. I will try to expound more since 90% facts are just not enough for some people.

    If you look at old tenegres, their handles indeed look like tiger heads-- some have humanoid faces but have fangs, some have no fangs but have beastly eyes, and others have exact carved images of a tiger's head/face.

    Tigers are not endemic to the Philippines. Early Filipino writers, however, used it as a metaphor for Spain. The flag of spain had a a beast- half lion and half tiger. some tinegre even have such beastly humanoid handle designs to really play on the image of the colonizers.

    Yes, tinegre is from tigre-- a filipino/tagalog/cebuano/mandaya for tiger. We don't have a tiger but the image of it exists. There are two possible reasons why such image exists in the consciousness of the Filipinos.

    Majapahit Hindus must have brought the idea first. There are tigers in India. Tigers are not endemic to borneo. There are clues that there were tigers there before. The Hindus must have brought them there.

    Transporting big animals from place to place in asia in ancient times was not a made up account. Ibn Batuta, a Moroccan chronicler recorded his observation when he traveled all over asia in early to mid-1300's.

    Animals in FMA

    Like kung fu, traditional FMAs use animal concepts in weaponry, stances, fighting forms, and offense/defense styles.

    Tinegre, a blade, is from tigre (tiger). This linguistic construction is not rare.

    Hinas from has (snake) is what some lumad would call a kris because of its snaky blade.

    Binu-aya from buaya (crocodile) is also used for a weapon with jagged edges-- resembling crocodile's teeth.

    In traditional grappling, they also use animals to call their mimicked movements.

    inido from ido (dog) is a quick frontal assault onto the opponents legs in crawling position for takedown.

    kinabayo from kabayo (horse) is to sit on the back of an opponent who is facing down and puling his head up and choking his neck using a hand and an arm.

    even in some traditional kickboxing. Monkey (amo or unggoy) is also mimicked. It is called inamo or inunggoy-- when one jumps forward and kick and after landing, he jumps backward.

    Linanggam from langgam (bird) is hopping side to side front to back and back to front as defense and offense footworks.

    So many traditional animal names yet the current/modern FMA does not use them. Are they hesitant because the kung fu practitioners might think filipinos copy such moves and concepts from CMA?

    I don't think so. I think most don't know that such martial art moves and concepts exist. They are overlooked because they are lumad (native) arts. If America has racism, Philippine has lumadism-- anything lumad is put down and rejected.

    It is my hope that lumad arts, sooner or later, will come out in the open and people will know the real, old, tested FMA, where most of the current forms, styles, and concepts have been based from.
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    I thought you put me on ignore a long time ago... mmmmm

    don't worry, I understand.
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    I think he's got a crush on you myself.
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    either way, it sounds like you've been smoking some primo stuff...
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    Admin. Note.

    Please, keep the conversation polite and professional.

    -FMAT Admin
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    That's your source? mmmmm

    the fact that they call traditional weapons as "ethnographic weapons," that will make you think and then doubt.

    research about ethnography.
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    Culture makes me high.

    If you have nothing to say about the post, please don't resort to ad hominem. Can you at least check the linguistic patterns if you are Filipino and from the Philippines?

    anyway, read my blog if you want to know about the triangles of the fist.
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    Yeah, I am.
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    You know, I'm kinda tired of the countless "Read my Blog" comments. If you've got something to say, say it. If you're here to push traffic to your blog, contact Tim Hartman, and ask about advertising rates. Otherwise, cut it out.

    I'm also tired of seeing good threads turn into crap because of this.

    If people have problems with baganing_balyan's posts, they need to do one or two of two things.
    1- put baganing_balyan on your ignore list, and you won't have to see anything posted.
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    Also do number 3 here
    Stop responding and crapping on the thread and please go back to posting actual content.

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    can you reflect? what have i done that has made you hot-headed?

    It just baffles me that you get tired of my posting a recommendation for anyone interested to read my blog which is about FMA but not with the post telling people to put me on ignore which is the very antithesis of a forum.

    A forum is for the expression of ideas not for suppression.

    take a moment and ask yourself what has made you mad at me. ideas should make you think not mad. they should challenge you not make you crazy. A martial artist like you should know that-- always know your enemy before you make him as such.

    I read the forum rules, i haven't read any that restricts the posting about blogs, links, etc. I presume Tim Hartman is not that strict because he is interested of the flow and coming and going of ideas about FMA in his forum-- frankly, that should be the case.

    Again, reflect. I am not an enemy. An enemy ruins. I try to build.
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    source for what? no, i'm merely saying that perhaps you can enlightened them. i think it's about time they need some real education.
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    You're smart enough to know exactly what I refer to, and I'm not going to engage you in sparring here.

    But you are right, knowing your enemy is a good thing. So is knowing your friends, and those in between. My information is public, yours is hidden. I'd like to see your ID. So, if you decide to return to MartialTalk, we'll need to see a notarized copy of it before we allow you access there again. What FMAT Administration does with you here is their decision.

    However, as I do have a vested interest in this site, it is in my nd the sites interests to inform those who find fault with you, or anyone's postings how to positively deal with them for the betterment of the site and their own piece of mind.
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    so basically because of your friends, that's why you rejected my views right away. that's really objective. by the way i read what you wrote in the other forum. so i don't wonder. Frankly, nobody can make me stop writing about FMA. I am not putting it down as a matter of fact i try my best to make people understand the concepts behind it. is that bad? if that's the cause for shutting me up, I won't shut up. I have done nothing wrong in studying and sharing what i know about FMA.

    by the way, do you also ID others?

    just asking.
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    MartialTalk's policy is that we require real names and locations for all members. When there is reason to doubt the validity of the provided information, it is our right to ask for proof, and we do.
    Our forum, our rules, don't like them, don't bother us.
    It has nothing to do with my friends, enemies, or your words.
    You can write whatever you want.
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    Again, that is in regards to your MT account. It's up to FMAT's admins as to your status here.

    Have a nice day.
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    well that's your prerogative. if witch hunting and your unreasonable behavior towards me is democratic, as forums should be, let others judge.

    as far as i know, the betting in the other forum stands-- the deadline is today. you want me banned today. reflect again. why?
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    Provide the requested information and your account on MT will be restored, for as long as you stay within the rules and aren't a disruptive influence like you were on FMAF and here at FMAT. We could care less of bets.
    However multiple accounts IS a bannable offense there and here.....
    But....MartialTalk isn't a Democracy. Neither is FMAT.
    But....MT has a Steering Board, and it's decision was "require ID of all suspect members". So, democracy of a sort.
    So, that is as they say, that. Comply or stay away.
    Nothing more need be said on that topic.
    Good day.
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    Don't worry bob, i don't push. Real ideas stand if they are true no matter how people bury their heads in the sand just not to hear them. fma forums may be undemocratic but FMA is definitely not.

    alipin before fought with timawa and maharlika-- that was how democratic traditional martial arts of the philippines were.

    Oh... I forgot... why not make below forever?

    You have been banned for the following reason:
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    Date the ban will be lifted: 06-21-2010, 05:00 PM

    do you ban others too with incomplete registration or just me? I feel so special.
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