Three Tenets of BaHad ZuBu

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    Three Tenets of BaHad ZuBu Mangtaaas Baraw
    by Punong Guro Michael Blackgrave ~ Jan. 16, 2008

    1. Seek the bridge
    When one is forced into physical confrontation all bets are off, it is now your or him. In BZ we teach our students to seek the bridge, finding the quickest possible way into the enemies underbelly. Many would believe that this is technique based, it is not, it is principle based, the principle being motion ; simple response to a question of motion asked by the aggressor, answered with greater motion and intent. This principle allows for infinite possibilities of entry. Entry is now up to the individual in harms way not lending itself to telegraphed static motion which is easily beatable.

    2. Cross the Bridge
    Crossing the bridge is the logical follow up once the initial bridge has been found. When one crosses the bridge there is no turning back, you are now in his underbelly where all the target options now come into play. Once again technique plays second fiddle here, it will depend on what your intentions are. Do you wish to Capture, Control or Kill? It is your option. Remember that you will be held responsible for your actions and subsequent damage delivered, so by all means make the right, smart and logical call.

    3. Destroy the Bridge
    The final stage of our journey. Destroying the bridge is just that finalizing your earlier work. You found the bridge and entered, you then crossed it and weakened it with a barrage of what you found pertinent to the question at hand and now you destroy it by simply taking the base of the structure sending it toppling to the ground with a violent crash. Once grounded a final sequence of motion and intent will end the hostilities in whatever manner you have chosen whether that be Capture, Control or Kill!

    “Simplicity the lock, Intent the Key” ~ PG Michael B.
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    Very nice, sweet, short and to the point...
    You know sir, I found oyour writingscomments/musings whatever you like to call them here on the forum. Ever considered having some more eleborate articles posted up? :)
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    Nice Mike, real nice! [​IMG]
  4. PG Michael B

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    I have another article on logical progression posted and I may in time post another. Thanks for the interest..salaam

    PG M
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    nice summary mate
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    good stuff, got the bruises to prove it LOL

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