They used my Igorot Head Hunting Axe in a movie...

Discussion in 'Misc. Stick Arts' started by Ron Kosakowski, Nov 7, 2008.

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    I moved it here--if there's a better place, please let me know!

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    I guess its as good a place as any. No movies section? [​IMG]

    Anyway, I wrote back to them to see more about the what, where and whens on this movie. I am still waiting to hear more about it. I asked them if they wanted to explain more on my web site forum...they did but gave a very brief explaination on it.
    I thought they would get into more details. Maybe they were busy and will pop back on.

    Either way, it feels good to have one of my weapons in a movie line already. This is pretty cool. It helps to get the word out there on them at least. I can't wait to see the movie also. It looks rather interesting.
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    Pretty Cool! I'm hooked!
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    Igorot Axe

    I picked up one of those axes in the Philippines. The spike on the back of the blade is designed to be stuck into the ground so that the blade is facing up. The blade can then be used to field dress game.

    I know one Filipina who told me that as a girl she saw decapitated bodies brought in after skirmishes in the mountains.

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