The value of Kali Silat, Arnis, Eskrima, of Philippine & Indonesian Origin

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    We are in our sixth year of offering an instructor training program in the Filipino Martial Arts of Kali Silat, hosted by P. Greg Alland, Grand Master with over 35 years and still practicing Kali Silat, Come and spend a day or two if you can't make the entire program, and see why others in Pekiti Tirsia, Sirradas, and other systems are still talking about us.

    We share the system of Pekiti Tirsia, Doce Pares and time permitting, Lanka Empat with experienced kali instructors: My self, Master Dennis Ocampo, Guru Gerry Reyes, Guru Gary Mah and Guru Carl Cash will be there to work with us as we continue to grow.

    You want to make this program if you're studying the Filipino Martial Arts, because as many practitioners have said, include Master Buck Grant, Guru under Dan Inosanto, "You guys are excellent, if I had to work with you, I'd need to learn this from the beginning", circa 2003 after working with Master Dennis Ocampo. Master Dennis started Kali around 1993, '94. I met him in 1995, after working with me for less then two years he visited a school in California and took everyone's stick away. They complained, "you touched my stick!" His reply was simple, "Can you stop me?"

    Come and see for yourself, why. I guarantee your satisfaction if you're currently studying Kali elsewhere, please advise me on this forum or email me privately. I look forward to meeting you.

    Location: Hybrid Academy of Martial Arts 9am to 4m daily at: 5476 Virginia Beach Blvd. Suite 127 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 - Be there and find out for your self why technique is never enough! Suryadi Jafri, RIP

    The program 5 intensive days with six intensive hours each day, March 21-25th 2008 and September 12-16th, 2008, regards, Greg
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    I think it is wonderful that P. Greg Alland has been continually propagating the FMA's for the past 30 years. But with all due respect I feel that Sina Tirsai Wali should be advertised on its own forum. Since this is the Dekiti-tirsia Siradas Forum and Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas is a complete systems with its own organization, that is NOT a subsystem of any other art. I am sure that contacting the FMA Talk Administraton will be the optimal method for creating a new forum for the Sina Tirsia Wali system.

    Respectfully, Mike Snow, Lakan Guro Dalawa
    - Midwest Regional Director, W.D.T.S.F.
    - Philippine Arnis (Kali) Eskrima
    Martail Arts Federation Int'l B.O.D.
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    The two arts are sufficiently closely related (as I understand it) that, unless there's enough interest, covering both of them here makes sense--just as we did with PTK and DTS before this forum was created. As always, if there is sufficient interest then we will gladly create a new forum--but we have to see a lot of active posting on the art first!

    -FMAT Admin
  4. R. Mike Snow

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    Hello Arnisador,

    I agree with your stance, that there has not been sufficient interest shown in KaliSilat to justify the creation of its own furum. My apologies to the FMA Talk Administration for taking it upon my self to force such an issue.

    After objectively discussing this issue with all of the founding members of the WDTSF about all of our combined previous experiences with the WKSS. Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas not ever taught to us in any way shape or form, only the name was used and none of the techniques or training methods. We were all exposed to pieces of Lanka Empat, Doce Pares, Arnis Pangasinan ntil after the "cease and desist order" which was drafted by Grand Tuhon Jerson 'Nene' Tortal, was hand delivered to Mr. Alland. Which explains position of our organization. Please note that Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas was not even mentioned in Mr. Alland's previous post on this link. Dislpaying no logical reason for Sina Tirsia Wali to be advertising on this post. With the exception of using Grand Tuhon's name and the name of his family system to propagate his own art, which we find to be a little dispespectful. As well as sell vidos of Grand Tuhon Tortal, in which he has not ever been finacially rewarded for. Again, I hope that this thoroughly conveys our position on this issue. Please let it be very clear to the FMA community as well as the general public, "There is NO link between Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas and World KaliSilat Society". Grand Tuhon Tortal has a his own organization that Grand Tuhon has officers appointed to propagate Dekiti-Tirsia Siaradas alone. If people are interested in learning Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas properly in it's entirety I invite them to train directly with Grand Tuhon Tortal.

    Respectfully, Mike Snow
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    I'm certainly looking forward to seeing Mr. Tortal again!
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    Before this discussion goes any further, I'd like to point out that this is a thread that does not belong here or in any of the arts-related sections.

    This is an ad for a training camp - it belongs in our Events section.

    We don't charge anyone to start a thread about events they are having. Seminars, training camps, non-FMA events...we're always open to hear about activities like this. We don't even require a paid membership to advertise.. However, we do ask that events be posted in the events section and not the arts sections.

    I hope that is understandable. Thanks for your cooperation.

    - Carol Kaur
    - FMAT Admin
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    Carol- could you move the thread to the Events section? I'm not really interested in it, but I was thinking that had I been interested in this event I may have missed it because I wouldn't have been looking in the arts section for an event.
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    Good point! I placed a copy there. It's where it should have gone initially, but as it spawned a thread here we'll leave it here.

    -FMAT Admin
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    Forgetting - Reaching - Press

    As my Pastor would say, "Forget it, forgive it, reach for the next thing, and press on!"

    What would Jesus do?

    God Bless,

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