The Truth About No Reaction Time!

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    The Truth About No Reaction Time!
    By matrixman - 01-26-2010 09:59 PM


    Reaction time is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, scams ever foisted upon human beings. The idea that you must wait before taking action is a trick of a blinded mind, and will get you killed. The whole concept, and I don’t care if you are a student of Shotokan or Wing Chun or Hung Gar or whatever, is designed to make you a victim.

    Now, the problem is that this concept of reaction time has infested all arts, and basically corrupted those arts from the get go. One of the reasons is that the martial arts have been designed to teach children, and children don’t have enough control over their bodies to deal with reaction time except in the most victim manner. Thus, you have to avoid classes taught for, or evolved for, children.

    Another problem is that the mixed martial arts phenomena has driven people to training methods that utilize nothing but muscle and brawn. How fast are you, how strong are you, and not how can you harmonize with your opponent. Again, the method creates victims of time, moving after the action has happened, and it does not create people who move in The Now.

    For example, watch the MMA fighters, they miss as much as they hit, yet the time of their punches should be faster than somebody can move their heads. The reason this is happening is because people are moving after the action. Or, and this is really worse, they are moving blindly, not sure where they should be striking, just striking out blindly and hoping to win the lottery.

    On the other end of the scale are fighters who don’t miss much, who are aware in the middle of combat, and come out of the fray unscathed and yet with a knock out to their credit. Watch the last fight with Anderson Silva, the one against Forrest Griffin. Anderson seems lazy as he exists at the edge of Forrest’s punches, and yet he is never touched, and instead loops a lazy, little punch in that knocks Forrest into the middle of next week.

    But Forrest was already in the middle of next week! Forrest, you see was trying to hit a head without knowing where it was, which is obvious if you analyze the trajectory of his punches. Forrest was not capable of being in The Now, or of predicting in any fashion where Anderson’s head would be, and Anderson was obviously and delightfully aware and in The Now.

    So here is the question that I have been building to, if a person is in reaction time, punching after the action and not in concert with the action, where is he? And the sad answer doesn’t matter where he is, what matters is that he is not Now. He is not in charge of his life, he is living in reaction time, he is living in the immediate past, he is not living Now.

    Well, the world is crazy, and we all knew that, but we can make it uncrazy by undoing this silly thing called reaction time. Simply, you must seek out training drills where you move in The Now, and not in the past. Whether you study Kenpo or Tae Kwon Do or Choy Lee Fut or whatever, you must research what reaction time is, and remove it, through intensive training, from your existence.

    Al Case has studied martial arts for over forty years. He has written for the magazines and had his own column in Inside Karate. He is the originator of Matrixing Technology, which deals with specific corruptions of the martial arts such as ‘reaction times.’ You can get a free ebook and learn about his methods at Monster Martial Arts.


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    Wow. First of all, someone needs to learn what reaction time actually is. Secondly, the last time I checked, the opponent gets a vote also.
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    You would think that someone that apparently has a column in a professional magazine would actually be able to put together an article that makes some sort of logical sense. The gist of this seems to be "don't attack where the guy is now, but where you think the guy will be."

    Wow, how not revolutionary.
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    Just goes to show, just because someone has a venue for their opinion, doesn't mean its worth listening to.
  5. I think this guy is talking about "Timing" and not "Reaction Time".

    I'd like to stick him in a car, have him go 100 km/h and roll a shopping cart out in front of him. I'd love to see him "remove reaction time" from that one....
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    hahaha... well put...

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