The roots of Kombatan?

Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by Twist, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. Twist

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    Just out of curiosity I was wondering if anyone knew more about the roots of Kombatan?

    What Filipino Styles did GM Ernesto learn/train (I'm not so much interested in the non-filipino roots..), what teachers and styles influenced the development of Kombatan?

    From his books and videos and some research I know so far:

    - he learned the styles of his father Jose Presas y Bonco (abanico and Dos Puntas ?) and his grandfather Leon Presas (Espada y Daga, Palis Palis, Banda y Banda)

    - he trained with his brother after Remy was back from Cebu, so I guess he trained some of the Arnis his brother learned (Balintawak, Sinawali from Dr. G. Lengson, maybe some Doce Pares influences)

    - he trained with Fred Lazo who's teachers were Paulino Lazo, Felicisimo Dizon, Luiz Cruz, Mateo Estilloso and Nicolas Ingacio

    - he probably trained with some Masters when he went to Manila?! (anyone got some detailed informations about him training with Tatang Ilustrisimo, Benjamin Luna Lema or others?)

    What I'd like to know is.. where did he learn his knife-fighting, empty hand techniques, .. ? Did he develop them by himself or did he learn them from someone else?

    I think both of the Presas-Brothers did a great job putting together a complete system with many of the classical (and modern) concepts found in the Philippines - but its very hard to find informations about their roots.

    I hope you can help me...

    (Ps: Please dont make any comments that could lead to political discussions about the Presas-styles...)
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  2. V-Rex

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    I think if you continue to learn more of Kombatan and see different systems you will notice several influences from several sources. Keep an open mind and two open eyes, and draw your own conclusions. Those of us that have been in Kombatan for awhile are still seeing evidence of Grandmaster Presas' own adaptations and counters, both classical and modern. I don't think any of us will ever know exactly how many styles/instructors impacted his own creations.
  3. armas

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    GM had said he studied with his Father and grandfather. Then he studied balintawak from GM Mongcal and Maranga. I know for a fact that GM Ernesto studied with GM's Jose Mena of Doblete rapillon, GM Antonio Ilustrisimo of Kalis Ilustrisimo and GM Ben Lema of Lightning Scientific arnis. I witnessed and entertained the later three GM's when GM Ernesto would bring them to our school. Eventually, I got to learn from Jose Mena and Tatang.

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