The Reality of Street Fighting for Martial Artists By : Nerode Abraham

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    The Reality of Street Fighting for Martial Artists
    By : Nerode Abraham

    The world can be a dangerous place. Without warning, many people find themselves in situations they cannot handle. It can happen all at once. One moment everything is calm and nice. The next second your world explodes into pain. It could be some passing thug that attempts to steal your purse or grab your wallet. It can be a drunken belligerent man at the bar looking for a fight. It could be anything and it can happen to anyone. Do not think you are safe because it has never happened to you. Violence only takes one time to happen to change your life. A real fight on the street can mean either spending a lot of time in jail or the hospital.

    It is not all just doom and gloom. There are ways to defend yourself. The first step is to have the proper knowledge. The second step is to take action with that knowledge. When fighting in the street or at some local bar, things happen dramatically faster than they do on television or in a movie. The key is to have the right kind of training. Once you have trained enough, executing the proper moves over and over again, your instinct will take over and the thought process is taken out of the equation. This rapidly speeds up the reaction time of an individual and this makes survival that much more likely.

    So what kind of training is available? The internet has become one of the greatest current access points for information the world has ever known. There are self-defense courses that can teach anyone how to handle themselves on the street, in a nightclub, in any situation they find themselves in. Whether someone has to defend one of their family members or their own bodies, finding the right course online is not only possible but a good idea. However, be aware that nothing can replace good instruction at the right martial arts school or dojo. Combining online courses and resources with actual real life self defense training in a martial arts school is an extremely effective way to prepare for a dangerous situation. The internet is a great place to get started on this journey.

    But be aware there are many out there preaching the gospel that have no idea of what it takes to survive on the street. Look for a self-defense course done by professionals that have lived the lifestyle they are teaching and have done the techniques they show in a real life and death situation. The only way to know if something works is to do it for real in a chaotic situation. There are no rules in a knife fight. You want someone teaching you that has been there in the thick of things and made it out alive.

    Another simple way to defend yourself or a loved one is by using the appropriate weapon for the situation. Weapons like pepper spray or a taser. Make sure you are trained in how to use these devices before trying to stop an attacker with them. If you do not know what you are doing, you can be arrested or the attacker can use them against you instead of the other way around. Always maintain a healthy respect for the law and possibility of an accident. The street is a violent place. Be prepared to face it.
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