The non-PC guide to policing: How to apprehend a criminal, 1907-style.

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    The non-PC guide to policing: How to apprehend a criminal, 1907-style

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  2. Hmmmm....I think that copper's going to get a cut hand at best...
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    The wedge is truly just a wedge. The article refers to it as a truncheon (which is an impact weapon, not a bladed weapon) and one of the other shots shows the officer controlling the truncheon in a way that one cannot control a knife.

    Good article.
  4. Hm. O.k.

    So the guy hasn't got a knife in the picture there?

    Looks like a knife to me...

    - Edit -

    Just looked at the article and it says "truncheon" but guess my eyes are deceiving me.

    Sounds straight forward enough then!

    My Father was a British Policeman for 20 years on the beat. He is also a 3rd Dan in Karate. He ran a club for other officers who just got a few weeks of aikido on their 6 weeks basic training. Most of them struggled to punch their way out of a paper back. Sadly (at that time it might have changed now) the British police seem to be behind their American cousins when it comes to offering good quality training.

    I guess this is a by product of a system that is always trying to cut costs.
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    Cool find!:cheers:

    I thought the same thing when I first saw that picture. Then I saw it called a truncheon in the article. Still wouldn't be my "go to" move in that situation but not egregious by any means. I like the "over under" grip in the second picture.

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