The Infamous NYC Bouncer Case.

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    Fuming over freed suspects

    Man Who Killed a Bouncer Is Called Heroic by His Lawyer

    He was hero to kill bouncer, att'y says

    These and related articles are well worth reading for details on how the trial played out and how the knife use was perceived. There was lots of discussion of this on Eskrima Digest too.
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    Sentence: 17 years (manslaughter).

    Smoking Ban Stabbing

    Lots of discussion of this incident on web pages, blogs, fora, etc. The archive of Eskrima Digest is a particularly good source for this matter.
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    Bouncers and Violence.

    On the subject of bouncers and patrons:
    Opinions on bouncer registry sought

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    i think if they do give them a badge they should look nothing like a police badge , maybe a square or a triangle.
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    Seen on MT.

    A case with some similarities, including a focus on the nature of the knife used (a "three-inch Spyderco military blade" accoriding to the stories; there's a picture in the photo gallery there).

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