The Haiti disaster, and how you can help

Discussion in 'The Den' started by Carol, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Catholic Relief Services - a good number of the charitable organizations (adoption agencies, etc) are run by Catholic groups. Catholic Relief Services has an emergency web page set up for Haiti relief:

    Donate to the Red Cross:

    Text "HAITI" to 90999 from a U.S. cell phone (check with your carrier before texting from a non-US cell phone or texting from a US cell phone while roaming outside the US). The charge for the text is $10.00 which results in a $10 donation to the the Red Cross for relief efforts.

    Or, donate online:

    Give blood:

    1-800-FOR-LIFE or

    Or, donate money, time, or supplies to the Center for International Disaster Info. or 703-276-1914.
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    Another thing to consider is checking out charities before you donate. There are a ton of charity groups out there and unfortunately, many scams. When I lived in Louisiana after Katrina and Rita, there were groups coming out of the woodworks soliciting donations. Many of those were shady as heck. Other times, you have groups that are not really scams but are just not effective at getting things done, or have too much overhead to support so that much of your donation goes to expenses not related to the cause at hand. Anyway, it is definitely something worth looking into for those who are inclined to donate. There are several groups that I used to donate to but no longer do based on their record of achievement or amount of overhead. I was able to use Charity Navigator to find organizations with similar goals but who did a better job of attempting to meet them.

    A group that I have donated to in the past and have now done with this latest tragedy is AmeriCares. They have a very high rating by Charity Navigator and they report 99% of money donated going to the people who need it. Obviously, there are many other wonderful groups out there, some of them have already been mentioned by Carol. I just figured I would plug that one while we were at it.

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