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  1. Sheldon Bedell

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    The Global Sikaran Federation was founded by and headed by Hari Osias c. Banaag.
    The gentleman’s rank was handed down to him by Francisco E. Torres .

    Hari means King. In this case King of the circle. Sikaran has been play has a sport where 2 contestants stand within a circle of 6 to 8 feet in diameter and try to kick the other person out of the circle. It was sometimes played as a one on one or sometimes many would compete to be the Hari of the village.

    Below is an paragraph from the Global Sikaran Federation web page

    "A young man, Osias Banaag y Catalos, had his beginning in karate, but abandoned this to concentrate on sikaran and refining his techiniques in his ancestors’ sport. In 1976, Banaag established the Foremost (meaning first) Sikaran-Arnis Brotherhood and has since been its’ most dedicated practitioner. Mainly through his tireless efforts, sikaran has now regained the interest of many young people, a good number of whom have become his students. He espoused the study of sikaran in Fort Bonifacio, and for security guards at the Manuela I and II (las Pinas) Shopping Complex, on the third floor of Manuela Complex (EDSA) Crossing which established the Sikaran-Arnis Gym. Banaag’s efforts paid off. Having garnered (6th) sixth degree status in Karate, he attracted the attention of Hari Francisco Torres who recently conferred upon Banaag the status of hari, symbolizing his mastery of the sport."

    If I have any facts wrong please correct me
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    I see that Hari OSIAS C. BANAAG has joined the forum. May I be the first to say welcome and that we await knowledge of Sikaran that will come from you.

    I may be mistaken but I believe that Hari may man a mastery of something and that the title "king" is a honorific.

    I also think that the Global Sikaran Federation may be the newest of the major organization being founded around 1997
  3. arnisador

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    I don't know the name Francisco E. Torres...what was his role in Sikaran?
  4. Far Walkers Moon

    Far Walkers Moon New Member

    good question arnisador
    are there any of Mr. Francisco E. Torres students here that could post some infomation please
  5. BushidoFMA

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    elo all im a sikaranista from cebu. We are planning to have a National tournament Invitational this coming nov.10 2007.

    any squad interested just pm me here. tnx
  6. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Welcome to FMATalk! What kind of competitions will you be having in the tournament--sparring, forms, weapons sparring?
  7. Carol

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    Welcome! :wavey:
  8. BushidoFMA

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    tnx for your welcome!

    everything that you've mentioned are included in our tournament.
  9. Bagwis

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    Hari status of banaag, a big question...

    I've know Mr. Banaag back home when he is just starting his gym in manuela complex, i've fought most of his blacks belt and some became my friends, one of which became a best friend of mine who is also here in Canada, if i may correct you, mr. banaag never reach that rank in karate (6th degree) but in sikaran, he was only green or brown belt when he switch in sikaran, mr. torres is nothing but an old guy from baras rizal, no school, no student, and knows nothing about sikaran. dont get me wrong mr. banaag is a good guy he even help/encourage me when i am applying for a job in manuela and he also knows me personally and i guess he still recal my accomplishments as sikaran player, i just cant comprehend what in the world on his mind to claim for such tittle, for such rank and most of all being the grand master of sikaran. Master Geronimo himself dont wanna get called grandmaster, he said that tittle is for his ancestors who is known to entire baras rizal as sikaran player, true champion of the art "hari" as what mr. torres is claiming. A simple logic, if i could find someone in baras rizal who is a certified "hari" or champion of sikaran way way back, and pay him or promise him things, will he grant me the title of hari? does it mean that i can also be a master of sikaran?. Master Geronimo represent Philippines in Asian Karate Championship and won using sikaran technics, grandmasters of diff. organizations recognize the art as distinct and effective style of fighting, Master Geronimo reorganize sikaran from karate brotherhood of the philippines, and start spreading the art all over the world, wherein mr. banaag became student of his student, how could he (banaag) now claim he is the master of sikaran, in my own point of view, Mr. Banaag been driven by pride and ambition, that when he got kick out from organization not by master geronimos decission himself but by majority of senior sikaranista, (for info mr. banaag is "inaanak" of master geronimo), again dont get me wrong, mr. bannag have a good and strong leadership and have so much accomplishment as sikaran instructor, and have a lot of plans for sikaran, i guess he could not leave it just like that.
  10. Sheldon Bedell

    Sheldon Bedell New Member

    thank you for your information

    i only reported and copied what I saw. I have only spoken to the man on a couple occasions and that was on the phone.
  11. arnisador

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    What is the ranking system in Sikaran?
  12. el maldito de cebu

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    in several arts specially karatethe darker your belt means the mastery of the art you got is exemplary. in sikaran and most of the filipino art; they prefer to have red belt to signify mastery of the art this is the color for the warriors which signifies bravery.
  13. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Ah, OK!
  14. djaney

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    in our club we have:

    white belt
    green belt or white with 1 black line
    brown belt or white with 2 black lines
    black belt
  15. mjgeronimoIII

    mjgeronimoIII New Member

    Osias Banaag was a student of Meliton C. Geronimo Sr.
    Osias got his 1st degree Black from WSABP in 1975.
    2nd degree 1976.
    3rd degree 1978.
    4th degree 1984.
    5th degree 1985.
    6th degree 1991.
    I read the Black Belt list. Osias was also Meliton C. Geronimo's Secretary at one point. He was expelled from WSABP on 03/01/1994 for stealing documents.

    There is also a Francisco Torres on the Black Belt list. He reached 1st Degree Black. I'm not sure how someone can pass down Hari status. I guess if you pay them enough.

    Baras is a pretty small town, I doubt that anyone considered a Hari of Sikaran would be unknown to everyone, especially the Sikaran practicioners.
  16. AmaraWarrior

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    My FMA teacher's Pilippine National Karate Coach and Mentor, Emmanuel S. Querubin is one of the first students of Grand Master Geronimo. Master Querubin is actually listed in their Black Belt records as Member 003, right under the son of Grand Master Geronimo. Master Querubin with the help of his teacher composed a book on Sikaran and also made a website. Go to:

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