The First Form

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    In order to perform the pose of Chung Kuen, the person who is training needs to bring the fist of his left hand to the center of his chest. After that he has to punch with the knuckles of his fist that is pointing to the front. The punch should go in a line that is ideally straight just until the moment when the arm of the trainee is almost extended to its full extent. You need to keep the fist very relaxed just till the end when Fa Ging is happening and then give away the energy. However you shouldn’t try too hard and give too much pressure to the elbow because the pressure can cause damage to the joint that will last for a rather long time. In order to withdraw the fist you have to open the fist with your palm pointing up. Then, you need to twist your hand a little it in a very slow motion inwards in a clockwise direction. Then you need to extend all the fingers out then in a very slow motion gather them to create a fist. Then bring he fist back to the resting pose. Then you have to do the same steps with the right hand.

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