The First Annual Warrior Arts Gathering - Nov 4-6 2005

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    The First Annual Warrior Arts Gathering
    Featuring Warrior Arts From Throughout the World!

    Featuring Guest Instructors:

    Bapak Cliff Stewart, Founder & Chief Instructor
    Kilat Pukulan Pencak Silat - Silek Tuo
    Within Arms Reach (W.A.R.)

    Ahati Kilindi Iyi, Chief Instructor & Technical Advisor
    Ta Merrian Institute
    Aha Saki, Gidigbo, Naboot, Zulu Impe

    Sifu Earl White, Senior Instructor
    Won Hop Kuen Do

    Guru Thomas Lomax, Senior Instructor
    LA Silat - Kilat Pukulan Pencak Silat
    Bukti Negara Pentjak Silat

    Guro Daniel Marks, Senior Instructor
    Neo Tribe Kali, African American Warrior Arts

    Darrell Sarjeant, Chief Instructor
    PIA Warrior Arts, Sadiq Kali Silat

    NOVEMBER 4 - 6, 2005

    Premiere Martial Arts
    1234 N. Eastern Ave.
    Moore, OK 73160

    $125.00 In Advance
    $150.00 At the door
    $25.00 Spectator Fee

    For further information, please contact:
    Darrell Gilbert: 405-201-0561 or

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