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Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Crafty Dog

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    The winter soltice is behind us and ever so slowly the days grown longer once again.

    A hearty Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends!!!

    Though I am not Christian, I find its message of rebirth and forgiveness to be a wonderful one. I enjoyed reading this:
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    deleted to avoid duplicate post
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  4. Crafty Dog

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    R.I.P. Pendekar Paul de Thouars

    Some of you may have heard me tell this story of a moment of satori for me:

    I remember being in Pdkr Paul's Bukti Negara class at the IAMA around 1988.

    "I need a volunteer! Marc, come up here!"

    As I stood there he got nose to nose with me and said "Do something."

    In that moment I came to understand that there are many fighting paradigms.
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    [h=5]I was talking to Frankie McRae today. He's working as the tech adviser on a new TV show. They told him they were sending two MMA fighters for him to train in gun skills. Turns out the two fighters were Forest Griffin and Stefan Bonner!

    So, Frankie is teaching them "the Crafty Dog Stance" and FG says "You know Marc Denny? Tell him hello for me."

    Even my son thinks this is cool[/h]
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    [h=5]Woof All:

    As most of you know, around here the title "Guro" is considered rather a big deal.

    As a matter of fact, until today I have made only five.

    I now announce two new DBMA Guros:

    Guro Beowulf
    Guro Fu Dog

    Beo and Fu are training partners and have a school in Moreno Valley. Despite Moreno Valley being a ninety minute drive each way, for over three years now they have consistently driven the three hours necessary to train with me for 90-120 minutes. They bring me out to their school every four months or so, so I get to see the students they are developing, and they had two students fight at the most recent Gathering. Concerning their own fighting, well they are Dog Brothers, with each one bringing considerable spirit and technical expression to their fighting. Their knowledge of the DBMA curriculum is sound and well-rounded in all three areas. Mos of all, their Dog Brothers spirit is "there" and so today we had a little ceremony marking the promotion.

    Guro Crafty/Marc[/h]
  7. Crafty Dog

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    After going to the Brazilian consulate to apply for my visa this morning I had lunch with Rigan Machado and Frank Liles (boxing champ of some years ago-- look him up)

    GREAT conversation!
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    Just a quick yip from Bern Switzerland. The DB Euro Gathering is tomorrow. I give a seminar on Sunday and on Thursday Lonely Dog and I go to Paris to give a seminar.
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    Anyway, so there I was at the gym yesterday talking with three friends: Krzysztof_Soszynski (6-3 in the UFC), Tony Fryklyn (fought Anderson Silva for the title), and Pedro Munhoz (just had his first UFC fight) and it occurred to me that all three were or had been UFC fighters. Today I ran into Lyoto Machida.

    A man could go further and do worse.
  10. Crafty Dog

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    To all my good friends of that break-away faction of Judaism known as Christianity my warmest good wishes and prayers on this Good Friday-Easter weekend.
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    A nice ego boost came my way this morning in the form of an email letter. See
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    Today on FB I ran across a poster that someone had put on their page that went something like this:

    "If God only gives us troubles he thinks I can handle, then he must think I am a real bad-ass!"

    Totally turned my day around! I think I may continue to use this one-- my gratitude to whomever posted it.
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    In the near future we will be beginning a new website for subscribers with lots of new footage every month.
    This past week I just go back tons of footage from the old days through the present that has been digitized. This includes DB Gatherings of the Pack (more on this when we announce the opening of the subscribers site) and much more. For example, there is about 30 minutes of Top Dog humming the stick while he and I are talking in my living room as he gets ready for his return to action after a two year sabbatical. While talking recently I mentioned it to him and he graciously agreed to let me use it. There is lots more nifty stuff too.
    Stay tuned!
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  15. Crafty Dog

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    Off to Japan tomorrow to do a seminar together with Sled Dog this weekend.

    The Adventure continues!
  16. Brian R. VanCise

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    Have fun Crafty!!!
  17. Crafty Dog

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    Back this morning-- good times!
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    Our thoughts and prayers to our very good friends the Canadians.

    We are quite blessed to have you as neighbors.
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    After class yesterday I asked Guro Inosanto to refresh my memory on his anti-MT plum game. He did so. Very nice to feel him blaze a bit and be refreshed on the ideas of this game of his! I told him I had named it "the Medfly". Jeff Imada raised an eyebrow. "That's because it eats the plum" I explained. He laughed out loud.

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