The Fire Hydrant

Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Hahaha.. I wonder what the little Satans would to if they read this =D
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    I think they would get the dark humor of it all.

    Anyway, I just got back last night. The flight back was a bit of a trip from hell; due to aviation fuel contamination issues in Israel (which were known for many days) Iberia stopped in Cyprus on the way to Madrid-- but neglected to make any arrangements to compensate for our arriving nearly two hours late in Madrid-- nor did it help us with gate info for connecting flights in Madrid-- net result was that my non-stop flight to LA was missed and I was booked 2 hours later via AA to Boston and a 3 hour wait in Boston for flight to LA; nonetheless my baggage did not make it. There's more to it, but the bottom line is that not only does Iberia give only one movie on a 11 hour flight and no music or movie on the 5.5 hour flight to Tel Aviv from Madrid while in really excremental sits, it is corporately incompetent. Rant over.

    Anyway, the trip was great. 45 people at the seminar, including from Germany and Slovenia. Very gracious seminar hosts took me to Jerusalem, Northern Border, and Akko.

    My first time in Israel-- much upon which to reflect.
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    Contaminated of what? I didn't know that, maybe coz im from ASIA. Anyway, i think your host is of very good hospitality to show you the locals.
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    In a moment of unrequited vanity, I mention that our webmaster has put together an animated GIF of photos , , ,
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    =)) Will miss you bro. FYI in the Philippines, dogs are called ASO or in provincial places IDO, IRO
    But mostly ASO (Tagalog)
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  7. Crafty Dog

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    Off to Bern, Switzerland tomorrow AM for the Euro Gg and three days of teaching. Not sure how much interent connection I will have , , ,

  8. Crafty Dog

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    24 hours of travel door to door today, but I am HOME!!!
  9. Crafty Dog

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    Woof All:

    On my first family vacation in a very long time.

    Home on August 7, in time to get ready for the Training Camp.

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  11. Crafty Dog

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    Awesome Friday afternoon BJJ roll with a very nice athletic ego-free purple belt. This allowed me to work on some of my freakier (a.k.a. "the old dog's game") stuff.

    The challenge with freaky stuff is to find people who can roll ego-free; ego driven people will tend to crash into stuff that comes on weird angles and unfamiliar rhythms-- and then they get mad at you-- so it is a real gift to find someone with whom such play can be safely engaged.

    This particularly applies with the striking game of Kali Tudo.
  12. Crafty Dog

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    Been on the road.

    a) training a gun lawyer in Los Vegas and getting in some shooting in the desert. Scoring head shots at 220 yards with his AK, and doing better with his Springfield XD 9mm than with my Glock 19. Looks like I am going to be selling my G19 (and G26 too) and getting the XD and using the extra money to start customizing my own AK.

    b) Then to the SHOT Show. Several new products will be appearing in coming weeks on our catalog. Also got to hold the new 15 shot Keltec shotgun. 15 shots in a bullpup concept. Fascinating and absolutely awesome balance. Too bad Keltec's reliability reputation is so dubious.

    c)Then down south of Salt Lake City, hosted by 19th Group SF. Co-Instructor Tuhon Jared Wihongi. Good times! Some very nice gun and rifle disarms from Tuhon Wihongi.

    d) Home to LA on Wednesday.
  13. Brian R. VanCise

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    Hey Crafty,

    Next time you are in Las Vegas drop me a line so we can meet up!

  14. Crafty Dog

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  15. Crafty Dog

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    My first Passover Seder in decades last night. Gratitude to Cousin Terry for an outstanding job.

    Easter greetings to all my Christian friends.
  16. Crafty Dog

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    My posts seem to generate a fair number of reads, but surprisingly few responses.

    Please feel free to join in!

    The Adventure continues,
    Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
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    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Back from the Euro tour. Caught a flu, probably in Dublin, which hit me in Paris-- LOTS of caffeine needed to get me focused for the job at hand. Fortunately, Guro Lonely Dog was there to help out!

    Home and onto the sofa for several days whilst keeping my children out of my "cootie contamination zone". Finally yesterday I tentatively went to the gym and moved around a bit.

    Many hours in airplane seats can be very challenging as we get older, especially with the boo-boos I have accumulated along the way and I have particular routines I do before I leave on a trip and when I come back.

    For example, it is important to reactivate and level out the hips, including lateral and rotational movements for the femur. With this in place, it is then time to reactivate the thoracic region of the spine, which tends to round forward from all the sitting, thus causing internal rotations of the shoulders, even when at rest. With the hips levelled out, moving laterally and rotating the femur, then it is time to reseat the scapula.
  18. Crafty Dog

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    I have been taking lessons with Pedro Munoz. We have good communication (helped by the fact we speak Spanish together) He's an 8-0 profighter and BJJ BB, and is intrigued by my Kali Tudo so not only do I get a good price but I have someone with whom I can bounce around my Kali Tudo ideas. Recently my lessons have moved over to the Black House Gym, which is a serious MMA gym.

    A couple of weeks ago we ran into Lyoto Machida. I confess to being quite flattered that he remembered me from when we both trained together at Rico Chiaparelli's RAW Gym in El Segundo (other fighters of note there were Frank Trigg, Vladimir Matyushenko, Walid Ismael, Fernando Vasconcelos and many others).

    On Tuesday Lyoto and brother Shinzu were there as was their dad! Dad is stocky, short Japanese man with A LOT of presence and calves the size of my thighs. After my lesson was over I watched dad teach Lyoto MMA karate and then teach a young fighter as well. All this as Anderson Silva walked in and began training several young fighters.

    A man could go further and do worse.

    The Adventure continues!
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    My new friend Diego is in town from Brazil for one month to train with me. Today I took him with me to Bluff Cover in Palos Verdes for the second time. It was a perfect LA kind of day, with the temperature in the mid-70s and not a cloud in the sky. Not bad for late November! I took a slightly different route so as to go along the promenade overlooking looking the beach in South Redondo along the way. It is a very low traffic area and I pulled over for a moment to take advantage of our overview of the ocean and beach (about 50' up) to point out a shallower area just outside the break. I commented that dolphins often looked for such spots because the currents often made fish more easy to catch. As I spoke, lo and hehold! several dolphins appeared and put on quite a show of jumping and surfing the waves. Quite a magical moment.

    We continued on to Bluff Cove and did my usual four trip routine. Having just had a heavy breakfast, our pace was leisurely, but a nice mild sweat nonetheless. There was a bit of a south swell, so the waves were good and several surfers were there to celebrate.

    After we went to Gold's Gym. For me it was chest, shoulder, and forearm day.

    A man could go further and do worse.

    The Adventure continues!
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    "I do recommend and assign Thursday ... next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be." --George Washington, 1789

    WSJ readers will recognize these:

    Here beginneth the chronicle of those memorable circumstances of the year 1620, as recorded by Nathaniel Morton , keeper of the records of Plymouth Colony, based on the account of William Bradford , sometime governor thereof:
    So they left that goodly and pleasant city of Leyden, which had been their r
    esting-place for above eleven years, but they knew that they were pilgrims and strangers here below, and looked not much on these things, but lifted up their eyes to Heaven, their dearest country, where God hath prepared for them a city (Heb. XI, 16), and therein quieted their spirits.

    When they came to Delfs-Haven they found the ship and all things ready, and such of their friends as could not come with them followed after them, and sundry came from Amsterdam to see them shipt, and to take their leaves of them. One night was spent with little sleep with the most, but with friendly entertainment and Christian discourse, and other real expressions of true Christian love.

    The next day they went on board, and their friends with them, where truly doleful was the sight of that sad and mournful parting, to hear what sighs and sobs and prayers did sound amongst them; what tears did gush from every eye, and pithy speeches pierced each other's heart, that sundry of the Dutch strangers that stood on the Key as spectators could not refrain from tears. But the tide (which stays for no man) calling them away, that were thus loath to depart, their Reverend Pastor, falling down on his knees, and they all with him, with watery cheeks commended them with the most fervent prayers unto the Lord and His blessing; and then with mutual embraces and many tears they took their leaves one of another, which proved to be the last leave to many of them.

    Being now passed the vast ocean, and a sea of troubles before them in expectations, they had now no friends to welcome them, no inns to entertain or refresh them, no houses, or much less towns, to repair unto to seek for succour; and for the season it was winter, and they that know the winters of the country know them to be sharp and violent, subject to cruel and fierce storms, dangerous to travel to known places, much more to search unknown coasts.

    Besides, what could they see but a hideous and desolate wilderness, full of wilde beasts and wilde men? and what multitudes of them there were, they then knew not: for which way soever they turned their eyes (save upward to Heaven) they could have but little solace or content in respect of any outward object; for summer being ended, all things stand in appearance with a weatherbeaten face, and the whole country, full of woods and thickets, represented a wild and savage hew.

    If they looked behind them, there was a mighty ocean which they had passed, and was now as a main bar or gulph to separate them from all the civil parts of the world.

    Anyone whose labors take him into the far reaches of the country, as ours lately have done, is bound to mark how the years have made the land grow fruitful.
    This is indeed a big country, a rich country, in a way no array of figures can measure and so in a way past belief of those who have not seen it. Even those who journey through its Northeastern complex, into the Southern lands, across the central plains and to its Western slopes can only glimpse a measure of the bounty of America.

    And a traveler cannot but be struck on his journey by the thought that this country, one day, can be even greater. America, though many know it not, is one of the great underdeveloped countries of the world; what it reaches for exceeds by far what it has grasped.
    So the visitor returns thankful for much of what he has seen, and, in spite of everything, an optimist about what his country might be. Yet the visitor, if he is to make an honest report, must also note the air of unease that hangs everywhere.
    For the traveler, as travelers have been always, is as much questioned as questioning. And for all the abundance he sees, he finds the questions put to him ask where men may repair for succor from the troubles that beset them.
    His countrymen cannot forget the savage face of war. Too often they have been asked to fight in strange and distant places, for no clear purpose they could see and for no accomplishment they can measure. Their spirits are not quieted by the thought that the good and pleasant bounty that surrounds them can be destroyed in an instant by a single bomb. Yet they find no escape, for their survival and comfort now depend on unpredictable strangers in far-off corners of the globe.

    How can they turn from melancholy when at home they see young arrayed against old, black against white, neighbor against neighbor, so that they stand in peril of social discord. Or not despair when they see that the cities and countryside are in need of repair, yet find themselves threatened by scarcities of the resources that sustain their way of life. Or when, in the face of these challenges, they turn for leadership to men in high places—only to find those men as frail as any others.
    So sometimes the traveler is asked whence will come their succor. What is to preserve their abundance, or even their civility? How can they pass on to their children a nation as strong and free as the one they inherited from their forefathers? How is their country to endure these cruel storms that beset it from without and from within?
    Of course the stranger cannot quiet their spirits. For it is true that everywhere men turn their eyes today much of the world has a truly wild and savage hue. No man, if he be truthful, can say that the specter of war is banished. Nor can he say that when men or communities are put upon their own resources they are sure of solace; nor be sure that men of diverse kinds and diverse views can live peaceably together in a time of troubles.
    But we can all remind ourselves that the richness of this country was not born in the resources of the earth, though they be plentiful, but in the men that took its measure. For that reminder is everywhere—in the cities, towns, farms, roads, factories, homes, hospitals, schools that spread everywhere over that wilderness.

    We can remind ourselves that for all our social discord we yet remain the longest enduring society of free men governing themselves without benefit of kings or dictators. Being so, we are the marvel and the mystery of the world, for that enduring liberty is no less a blessing than the abundance of the earth.
    And we might remind ourselves also, that if those men setting out from Delftshaven had been daunted by the troubles they saw around them, then we could not this autumn be thankful for a fair land.

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