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    "... many different nations contributed to the development of Philippine customs, traditions, food, folklore, and martial arts"

    yes but only to a certain extent. Although the Philippines was once a spanish colony, it has its influence but not to the point where everything is a either a product or a byproduct of the Spaniards. An example would be the igorots and the moros. Also, not everything was completely influenced by islam, an example would be the pintados, maharlikas, timawas, igorots, bontoc warriors etc.
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    Uh, Pinuti, you’re making less and less sense here. If you are meaning these to be various “warrior” tribes, here’s some Philippine History 101 (guys, please bear with this arnis sister - salamat):

    PINTADOS - a name used by the Spaniards when they first landed in the islands, due to the tattoos on the natives. It does not mean a particular native tribe.

    MAHARLIKA (meaning royalty) - one of the three classes of people in the ancient Philippines; the others being
    TIMAWA (free person), and alipin (serfs and slaves). These are not specific native tribes.

    IGOROT - umbrella term signifying a number of ethnic groups in the Philippine highlands, and BONTOC is one of those groups.

    You may want to do a little research before tossing these various terms around. And “warriors”…such an outlandish term smacking of Hollywood. You’d never hear this back home…as they say, only in America!

    - Julia Timagua Ballantine
    (check out some of my writing online)

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