The Dog Brother gathering if in Cali come on down!!

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    I know this doesnt really qualify as a tournament but this gathering is being filmed and to be shown later this fall, it would be awesome to have a large crowd.


    A Howl of Greeting:
    The rhythm of the seasons is with us and its time for the "Summer Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack". On behalf of the Council of Elders of the Dog Brothers, Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts hereby cordially invites all people of good spirit to its "Dog Brothers Summer Gathering of the Pack" at 11:00 AM on Sunday, June 24, 2007.
    Because this Gathering is going to be quite a bit different, I hope you will indulge me in being even more long-winded than usual.
    In an obscure park in San Clemente, California on Memorial Day weekend some 19 years ago, a "band of sweaty, smelly psychopaths with sticks" came together to fight for three days in a row. It was a different fight with a different vibration-- "Higher Consciousness through Harder Contact" (c) Thus was born the pack that became known as "The Dog Brothers".
    And now, through much continuing Adventure, here we are.
    And who are "we"? "We" are not only those who step onto the field to fight -- and "you " are not a mob that has come to be entertained with the pornography of violence like the mobs at the ancient Roman arenas. Indeed "we" includes "you"-- "you" are the Tribe that comes to witness its Warriors in the ritual space as they shine their spirits and prepare themselves to stand together to defend our land, women and children outside of the ritual space.
    Joining us at this Gathering will be National Geographic. Nat Geo, via the production company "Original Productions", will be making a one hour documentary about our spontaneously arisen tribe (Working title "The Tao of the Dog").
    Why OP/Nat Geo and why now?
    As can be imagined, over the years I have had many people approach me with ideas for the Dog Brothers. Some of these ideas boiled down to variations of "Backyard Jackass". Some of the people who approached us were sincere in their understanding of what we are about, but their reach exceeded their grasp. Fame and fortune not being our motive, I have never felt a need or pressure to pursue this sort of thing. If it was meant to happen, it would happen.
    And now it seems that it is meant to happen. With Original Productions (OP) I feel we have the right people for the mission. OP's alpha Thom Beers and director Dan Jackson approached me back in 2005. Both impressed me.
    After reviewing a documentary Dan did about the US Military Academies (West Point, Annapolis, etc) we allowed OP to shoot was is now the clip on our website titled "Original Productions Pilot". Feedback from the Tribe about his feel in the clip for who we are uniformly was quite positive. Now OP has brought Nat Geo, whose corporate values we sense to be very good for us, to the mission of communicating "the Dog Brothers experience" outside of our own dimension.
    In some respects, a documentary by Nat Geo is a pretty big deal. In other respects, it is nothing at all. The presence of the cameras changes nothing of essence at all. We continue to be ourselves. Yes the Gathering will be held in a different place this time, but as the saying goes, "Wherever you go, there you are."
    And in another way, the presence of the cameras does change things. When "where you are" is out on the field at a Gathering, the experience of the juice of the witnessing tribe flowing through you turbocharges this powerful, indeed in some ways transformational, experience. For myself, I seek to connect with the these peak moments that I experienced as "Crafty Dog" as portals to the place in me that is forever young-- and this is the place within me that I will call upon should I ever be called upon to step forward as a Protector. In a similar vein, my hope is for those of you fighting at this Gathering to experience the juice generated by the witnessing eye of Nat Geo's cameras as increasing the power of the your inner experience.
    Because of the documentary, this "Dog Brothers Gathering" will be held at the Original Productions' warehouse (where they did the show "Monster Garage") at:
    2435 N. Naomi St.
    Burbank, CA 91504
    Use or a similar site to see exactly where this is.
    Director Dan Jackson is responsible for the fighting area and is closely conferring with me so that the fighting area is everything that it should be. We look forward to seating and viewing conditions being the best ever.
    This is not saying much I know :) but so far it appears that there are some church pews laying around, Dan is talking about scaffolding with planks and perhaps some rented bleachers, etc. The feel will have a touch of "Thunderdome".
    We are looking for people's input into all this-- especially input from the fighters about the fight area. To contribute and/or to see what people are saying go to the discussion at
    Many of you may remember our Gatherings held in the park in Hermosa Beach, which, although they were hosted at considerable expense, were always free to you our friends, our guests. However with a private facility involved we need to charge admission of $15. We ask that you still consider yourselves to be our friends, our guests, as members of our extended Tribe-- not customers.
    The Magic Words:
    The MAGIC WORDS: "No judges, no referees, no trophies. One rule only: Be friends at the end of the day. This means our goal is that no one spends the night in the hospital. Our goal is that everyone leaves with the IQ with which they came. No suing no one for no reason for nothing no how no way!
    Real Contact Stickfighting is Dangerous and only you are responsible for you, so protect yourself at all times. All copyright belongs to Dog Brothers Inc. CA law applies."
    For example, sticks, and fights for that matter, may go flying into the crowd. Parents should consider things like this in deciding whether a child is old enough to bring along and/or deciding on from where to observe the event. If a stick or a fight comes careening your way-get out of the way!
    If you are sitting in or near the front row, we will not make fun of you if you wear protective headgear!
    This matter of copyright is of particular importance with this Gathering due to the Nat Geo documentary. As always, NO VIDEO CAMERAS and NO DUAL PURPOSE CAMERAS WILL BE ALLOWED. If you see someone cheating, please let us know.
    OP will be at the door with some sort of legal release giving it permission to have you (fighters & audience members) appear in the documentary, not sue them, etc.
    At this Gathering, we will continue starting the knife fights with a handshake and the knives undrawn and analogous ideas. Concerning the knife fighting, there is a relevant thread at "Shocknife" has promised us a couple of its newest model electric knives and so it looks like we will be able to have electric knife vs. electric knife fights. Perhaps this will help induce more realistic behavior during the knife fights!
    Again we encourage you to fight knife versus stick-- the stick versus electric knife fight last time was a great success (as was the stick versus cattle prod) and the electric knife will again be available. Stick vs. knife has been one of perennial questions of the FMA, so let's continue the research! Also, please feel free to hide a knife on your person and surprise your opponent with it during the stickfights.
    Remember that you may fight with weapons other than a stick if you can find someone willing to go against you. Please consider staff, double stick, and anything else. In order to more deeply explore certain variables, fighters may agree to "no grappling" rules. In staff fights, the fighters may wear wrestling type ear guards under the fencing masks. Currently we have a fighter intending to bring a "sling blade", one offering to fight with whip, and rumor of a hand-held vacuum cleaner. The thread is where fighters can get in touch with each other about these things.
    Drummer Henrik Jacobsen will be with us again, and Charles Telerant will be joining him. (You can find a clip of Charles rapping on the Steve Harvey show at ) Brent Lewis sends his regrets and best wishes, but he will be in Hawaii for a wedding.
    As always, there is no charge for fighters but FIGHTERS MUST PRE-REGISTER, even if they have fought before. WE WILL BE RUTHLESS ON THIS! The Fighter's Registration form can be found on the website and MUST be filled out whether you have fought before or not. For all Fighter Registration matters, please contact Cindy at 310-540-6853. You are not registered until your name appears on the list of registered fighters on the website!!!
    As I write this (May 29th) we already have 43 fighters listed (from throughout the US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, England, Scotland, Australia, Fiji) which is the most we have ever had this far in advance. As Gathering time approaches our "Vice President in Charge of Reality" Cindy will be very busy. To make sure that your registration gets through, we strongly suggest that you register as far in advance as possible.
    There will be a get together for Fighters, Family, and Friends at a local establishment afterwards. We will post the details as we have them on the abovementioned thread on our Forum.
    The Adventure continues!!!
    "Higher Consciousness through Harder Contact" (c)
    Crafty Dog
    Guiding Force of the Dog Brothers
    Dog Brothers Inc. Martial Arts
    PS: This just in: Top Dog will be there and Salty Dog is working on it!
    Registered Fighters List - Click Here


    Click Here to Download the Map
    Gathering hotels in Burbank within 2 miles of location

    Ramada Inn
    2900 N San Fernando Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91504
    Quality Inn
    2255 N Buena Vista St
    Burbank, CA 91504
    2100 W Empire Ave
    Burbank, CA 91504
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    Good luck!
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