The differnt in the Styles of Arnis

Discussion in 'Hinigaran Arnis DeMano' started by Charlie, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    I have meet Grand Master Remy Preses but I dont know the differnt or the story of there styles. What is the major differnce in the two styles?
  2. michigankalisilat

    michigankalisilat New Member

    What styles are you referring to?
  3. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    Kombontan and Modern Arnis what is the differnce?
  4. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    Modern Arnis specializes in single stick and Kombatan specializes in double.
  5. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    Thats it lol? I have meet Grand Master Remey Persas he is very nice I was able to watch him do a demonstartion in Holister California it was a seminar where all the local masters and Grandmasters came to I was there with Grandmaster Vincent Cabales we saw Grandmaster Fred Bandolan, GM Reme Preses, Master Castro it was good.
  6. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    I assume you are referring to Remy Jr?
  7. pgreen58

    pgreen58 New Member

    I think saying that it's simply a matter of single vs. double stick is over-simplifying things quite a bit. Mr. Miller, perhaps you could as Datu Hartman to make a brief statement from WMAA on this thread when he gets a chance. He incorporates both styles into his Presas Arnis and was lucky enough to know and train with GMs Remy & Ernesto.

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