The Bolo Part II

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    In my first article about the bolo (machete), I discussed the difference between it and a dedicated sword (espada). Nevertheless, there is an in between blade type, a longer version of the agricultural tool used for self-defense and fighting; after all, length does give reach and therefore an advantage when fighting or dueling. However, I am focusing in on the agricultural tool and weapon of opportunity. During World War II when the Japanese occupied the then U.S. Territory of the Philippines, the first thing they did was ban and confiscate all deadly weapons; in other words, they confiscated all the firearms, the bolo (machete), being viewed as a tool was left off the list. So, the bolo became the most pragmatic weapon to arm those whom decided to resist the occupation. These brave souls were taught limited fighting techniques (though they have a myriad of applications) and for the most part due to their former lives as farmers and laborers, they had used the bolo daily and were very familiar on how to use it to its full potential. On Bladefiles (Coming Soon), my YouTube channel, I will be showing some of the methods taught to me by Remy Presas, that he learned from his father, who taught these techniques to the bolo brigades during World War II. Also, please follow me on Twitter at: John_Bednarski.

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