The Bladed Hand debuts in Chicago

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    Sunday, November 4, 6:00 PM $10

    Jay Ignacio directs an eye-opening exploration of one of the greatest cultural traditions of the Philippines: the Filipino martial arts systems known as Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis. An unprecedented look at the martial arts of the Philippines, THE BLADED HAND includes a wealth of archival photography and footage, along with interviews with the most authoritative figures in martial arts, including Dan Inosanto (THE GAME OF DEATH, RED BELT); Mumbakki Foronda, an instructor whose students include Russia’s elite Spetsnaz special forces, and Jeff Imada, one of Hollywood’s most respected stunt coordinators. Filmmaker Jay Ignacio will be in attendance at this screening.

    [h=5]We're screening in Chicago on November 4, 6pm at the PORTAGE THEATER 4050 N MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO, IL 60641 as the closing film for the Chicago International Film Festival.[/h]
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    I was about to post something about this too! I requested Mr. Ignacio to please bring it to Chicago, and finally, here it is!

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    I was talking to Sonny Sison when I saw this and got his permission to post it.. Now this is something that makes me wish I was back stateside.. I missed out on the first debut when I was on the way to the Philippines, but the storms and flooding in Manila put a kabosh to this trip.. Oh well, will wait until it comes out on DVD and maybe I can pick it up on my next trip to there.
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    Hello Bill,
    I will be up in Minnesota with Fred and Mark for the premier and seminar we are doing in conjunction with the film. As a matter of fact Sir Jay will be there as well.....

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    I am a little disappointed that no more DVD's will be sold until after Nov. 14th. But I suppose the full retail DVD release is worth the wait.

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